May 23, 2008


Me and all my cousins had a little 'gathering' when our newest member, cousin Nadyne had a first visit to the PJ house. Cousin Aimar was also here, coming back from Japan for a little holiday in good ol' Malaysia. So all of us had a little chaotic playful evening, bringing down the house with cries, fights (over who gets the toys, of course) and a good family fun time.

7 of tokPa&tokMa's grandchildren (plus 2 of my aunties)

diorg ni dah besa pun nak kene pegang

okay, picture time's over... first to the toy gets it!!

test driving trying out cousin Aimar's walker
(soon after that, I got my own!! weeeee...)

We also learnt that Tia's going to move to Kuantan next year. That means cousins Ikie, Miza, Faiez and Sarah are all going too!! Aaaawww.. I was just thinking about forming a 'girl power' trio with cousin Sarah & cousin Nadyne (you know, to play masak-masak, rumah-rumah, barbie doll and the likes). Now that plan's down the drain...

On the other hand, I'm also looking forward to visiting them and having a good time on the beach in Kuantan soon. With them going to Kuantan and Aimar in Japan, that leaves me and cousin Nadyne to bring down the house during weekends.. w00t!!

with my 'thinking cap', i can think of the many ways to terrorise the house!!


Anonymous said...

eeda, thanks very much for the advice, keep me strong to move forward, i will continue giving her my best, for now aku campur la FM and BF, otherwise fatiha nangis kelaparan, but i dont know for how long..

Anonymous said...

don't give up!!.. insya Allah, kalau Allah mengizinkan ade laaa susu tu...

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