Aug 25, 2008

how to become an olympic champion

The Olympics have just ended. We have seen during the previous weeks how the amazing human capability in sports enables these few people reach the very summit of sporting achievement.

This year's Olympics sure provided some memorable moments for the watching world. Micheal Phelps swam like a fish in the water en route to 7 world records and an unprecedented 8 golds in one games and 14 overall. Usain Bolt ran like the wind to break three world records, and still had the time to look effortless with some chest-thumping before his 100m race is over. And there's our very own Chong Wei, making our heart beat with a rubber-game win in the semi-final over the Korean to confirm a medal for Malaysia (well, the final certainly wasn't memorable).

So here I'm gonna give some tips on how to become a great Olympic champion and how each and everyone of us can reach the very peak on human sporting achievement :

Eat and drink well. What you eat and drink is what your body will be. Eat healthily from all the food pyramid. Some athletes may need to grow and stregthen their muscles a bit for their atheleticism, but for some others - like the gymnasts or divers - it's their flair and flexibility thay may count.

Prepare, train, warm up, stretch your whole body before any sporting session. This is essential to make sure that your body is in the right state to receive the extra strain and extra work of high energy activity. Don't forget to worm down afterwards too because it is as important as warming up.

A good rest will ensure that your body and mind is in a right state. And that is very important in sports, where you have to be at your best every time. Everybody have their own ideal sleeping time, and some do sleep more than others. Just remember to get enough sleep because all the hard work deserves a good rest at the end of the day.

Start early. Get into the swimming pool, or running track, or court, or double beams, or trampoline when you are still young and your body can still take the blows of sports. Do bear in mind, though, that you can only start competing in Olympics when you're over 16.

Stay off drugs.. it's the number one most important tip I can give. Enough said. (I'm just taking my vaccination here, okay...)

So you can try and follow my tips here, and maybe, just maybe you can end up as an Olympic champion, and get that Datukship, and that RM1 million, and RM5000 in monthly pension for the rest of your life...

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Wan Amira said...

auntie hopes is not to late to wish u happy birthday nadhrah

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