Oct 24, 2008

the teeth

Beware. The teeth are getting bigger. And more of them are popping up!

It's a struggle nowadays for Umi/Baba to brush my teeth. I would squiggle and squaggle and move my head out of the way of the toothbrush.

And don't simply put your fingers in this mouth. These teeth are strong, and man, can I bite!

p/s: We would be out of town this weekend, going back up to Sitiawan for a family arrangement (Umi's dear uncle is going to Hajj, and he's throwing a kenduri). Seafood products, anyone?


Mommy Lyna said...

nape hafiy susssaaaah sgt nk gosok gigi. dia tutup mulut dia, gosok bibir jadinya.

Niza @ Anis said...

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