Mar 2, 2009

eating woes

Nadhrah used to have a problem eating. We try to make her eat as much healthy home made food as possible, but she just won't eat them. So we went to see our paed to lay down our concerns. She said it's just one of those times when play takes more priority than eating. It's true, nadhrah loves to play and play and play that sometimes she just doesn't want to do anything else.

So the paed said it's best that when it's supposed to be nadhrah's meal time, than we have to stop all play and make her focus only on eating. In our case, we bring her to the dinner table where all the food is prepared. She also gave us appeton with lysine to be given once a day to get nadhrah's appetite back up again. She told us not to be too worried as her weight is still inside the desired range on the growth chart.

Another advice she gave us was just try to feed her anything that she likes. I used to prepare porridge for her almost everyday, but I guess she got tired of that. So I tried different things everyday to see whether she would like it. But then again, I know that I can't keep repeating the same menu even if she like something, being afraid that she might get bored of that some day. Of course, we need to keep the diet balanced and get healthy food in there, not just all sugary and salty junk.

keep them coming, Umi

Alhamdulillah, her appetite is getting better now and we pretty much know her likes and dislikes, and also some patterns while eating. We found out that nadhrah loves spaghetti. In any form or way. Bolognaise, carbonara, aglio e olio... she would just chomp on them. When eating rice (no more porridge nowadays), she likes to have the dishes separately. She won't have the carrot or potato or chicken together with the rice. So I need to give her rice first, then the other dishes each on its own without mixing them.

makan sampai ke siku

She likes to eat with her own hands. It gets messier compared to when I spoon-feed her, but eating with her own hands will make her eat more, so I just bear with it. I think it's just that she sees what us adults do, and insist on doing it herself. E.g. even though she have her own straw bottle, but she likes to drink from a glass like everyone else.

beware, I'm the pasta monster!!

It's all part of us discovering what our child loves, and it's so exciting when we get it spot on. I just wish that she'd take things slower than this rate, cos my little girl is growing up oh-so-fast...

yeayy I'm all full and cleaned up!

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Anonymous said...

asal baju nadhrah sama je??? =P

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