Sep 3, 2009

ipoh trip - part 2

Just some random photos of sightseeing in Ipoh...

Stesen Keretapi Ipoh

hotel setesen yeahhh

angkat tangan mcm ultraman!!

I don't remember the name of this building opposite the railway station

Fishes @ the hotel

Oh yeah, we've got fishes in our hotel and I love going to see it! It's just by the cafe, so here I am playing with the fishes while Umi and Baba have their breakfast

There was one particular fish which was bigger than the others, in white. The pool was so shallow that when the big fish swims, its upper fin will be out of the water. So Baba challenged me to touch the fish and I'm always up to the challenge! (While Baba himself could not get himself to touch the fish because of 'geli')

Showing the other kids howtodoit

Night time makan with air buah gelas besar

Umi having her Kuey Tiaw Udang Galah. Well, it wasn't a lobster, but it's still larger than normal

During makan time, I was so into Baba's lychees that at one point, I pulled the glass towards me too quickly and kebooossshh!!, all those air lychee gelas besar that was not even half empty spilled onto me. I knew Baba was very angry with me cos there goes most of his lychee drink and now I'm all wet, but he acted cool and consoled me so that I would not cry and make a scene, cos then both Umi and Baba would have a hard time eating if that had happened. I'm really sorry, Baba!!

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