Oct 1, 2009

raya pics - 1st day in PJ

it's raya yeayy!!

all the cucu's

the heroes (yes, grandPa can jump too!!)

the BIG family

chaos on the field


Umi's note : Notice Nadhrah closing her eyes so shut during the BIG family photo? That's because she's terrified of Dato K-style moustache, in this case worn by uncle Ayah Long. We seldom see him cos he's a busy doctor, and this time Nadhrah's so phobia of him that everytime she sees him, she would get into a hysterical terror and hug Umi so tight. So no other way to get through the photoshoot, than to ask Nadhrah to shut her eyes.

Umi's Note 2 : Yesterday night, we turned on the laptop and Nadhrah wants to "tengok gamba Nadhrah", which means turning on the slide show of her pics on the laptop that she enjoys so much. So we turned on the slide show of the raya pics while Umi and Baba was away attending to errands. Suddenly out of the blue Nadhrah hysterically cries in front of the computer, and came running to hug Umi. Ya Allah, budak ni! Tgk gamba si misai kat laptop pon tak bole??


Alma Aziz said...

sampai mcm tu skali nadhrah nih!!!
tak boleh betul dia dgn abg. muhsein kan. tu baru kumis nipis...what if she sees the real dato' k? pengsan teruslah agaknya!!! hehe...

Jantung Hatiku said...

cari banyak2 gambar orang yg bermisai berbagai bentuk, tunjuk pada dia, biar dia tahu pelbagai rupa orang yg bermisai

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