Feb 26, 2010

gajah @ kuala gandah

This was actually last year, when for the first time, Umi was not around for more than 48 hours. I'm such Umi's girl, that I have never been left by Umi for more than 48 hours, except for this time when Umi had to go outstation for 3 days in the weekend. So I was left with Baba, and he had a surprise in mind...

We started the day having nasi lemak at jalan tanglin

Then I was whisked off to a place called the Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary along with my aunts and uncle

these elephants seems huge to me, but they were really nice beautiful creatures

nah, makan pisang nih (camana laa nak bagi makan dari jauh..)

Baba, not too close!!

but then AyahNgah managed to increase my confidence

then Baba took it a step too far!! waarrghh nooo!!

after a while, he tried it again!! Noooo..!!

having some unhealthy food with Baba..

..while ChuNa and Che'Ah managed to get a ride although we didn't get a ticket for the ride (they exchanged the sticker tickets with other ppl who already took the ride.. genius!!)

practising my pose with Baba..

.. and putting it to good use!! yeayyy!!

Overall it was a really fun trip. I only joined in 1 of the activities, which was feeding the elephant. I didn't really want to ride the elephant. The third activity, which was bathing with the elephant was cancelled due to the water level being too high on that day because of the rain last night. So everyone was quite disappointed becos we already prepared our extra clothes to get wet. Well, maybe another time then...

More pics here...

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