Jun 6, 2011

kiara park @ttdi

i love playing in the park and playgrounds, who doesn't right? this was the second time i went to Kiara Park at TTDI.. some called it Bukit Kiara Park or Taman Rekreasi Lembah Kiara (and many other names).. it is located in front of Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (2)... the huge park is accommodated with jogging and cycling tracks, a stretched of lake filled with cute turtles (don't forget to bring some bread  vegetables to feed the hungry turtles), playgrounds, skating ring and open areas for aerobics or tai-chi.. suitable for family recreational activities..

scenic view of Kiara Park at TTDI

since the weather is super-hot nowadays, the best time to enjoy the park is in the morning.. what i like the most about this park is the water stream which is the main attraction for kids my age..

always be prepared with my digging tools..

found a perfect spot for soil-exploration..


nasi lemak for breakfast..

this is how you make a shipwreck..

some kids hijacked my digging tools... nevermind, sharing is caring

lets end the day by happily running through the slides


wanrulez said...

aku kenal baju adidas yg ko pakai tu....hehehehhe

Babygrams said...

looks absolutely beautiful and ideal for a day out with the children!

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