Jan 17, 2013


Errkkkss, did i skip 2012?? 2012 must be a lazy year for me... hope 2013 won't be that bad...

I started my 2013 with a new uniform and new school... one similar thing about the uniform is that it is in 'yellow'.. but the colour combination is better than my previous uniform.. my new school is nearer to Nenek's house, easier for Nenek to pick me up after school...

What else happen in the beginning of every year? It's Umi's Birthday!!! I made a special drawing for her.. it supposed to be a birthday card..

We also had a short vacation at Tioman Island fully sponsored by PE**N**, this is where Baba works... it was my first time here... the resort was excellent.. the beach was so clean and clear.. i even went snorkelling at the small islands nearby... thanks to Berjaya Air, i don't think we could bear travelling by land and sea... hehe..


Unknown said...


My name is John and I have a quick question about your blog! Could you please email me?

Thank you,


Eya Lee said...

haii..cutenya nadhrah...ngee,.
jom la singgah blog me...kalau trus follow i apprcte it...tq..:)


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