Sep 22, 2008

pretty handmade dress

This post is specially dedicated to mommyAdam, as a response to her post at her lovely blog.

yeayyy I have a new dress... and it's handmade

apart from being oh-so-pretty, it's also comfy and airy

I can play around actively in it, no problem

view from the back

and the soon-to-be-famous 'AidaFiqs - Handmade with Love' brand logo (sorry not so clear)

Thank you so much mommyAdam!! We look forward to more of your handmade items, maybe it will be for sale soon?


aidafiqs adamia said...

oh..thank you for the entry nadhrah! i'm soo glad it fits you nicely! i was so nervous, takut i made it too small or too look so cute, makes me want a girl!waaa!

to umi nadhrah, i just found out that the label doesn't hold up very well..may come off with washes.sorry about that..just ignore it...hehe..need to work on a better label...

Anonymous said...

Che Ah wants one handmade bag. haha =P

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