Jan 8, 2009

save palestine

It's hard to ignore and not say anything about this anymore. The agression has been way overboard and needs to stop. When the world is apalled at how insignificant the value of lives of children to the eyes of the Israelis, their main backer the US continues to close one eye. Other nations are left helpless, not being able to make any change in the international stage due to the hypocrisy and stupidity of the police of the world. How is it that this is what humankind has become? Are we merely at the mercy of the Israelis and can't we do anything to stop them?

My heart goes out to the Palestinians. As Muslims, we always believe that Allah will help those who are close to Him and He will crush those who continues with their arrogance.

There's a lot of way to help, and let's try our best to do most of them. Boycott and stop supporting them by not buying their products, and help our brothers and sisters with whatever financial means that we have through the many donation channels out there.

And our prayers may yet be the best weapon to help our brothers and sisters. To the martyrs, Al-Fatihah...

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Anonymous said...

yup, doa banyak-banyak-banyak!

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