Dec 30, 2008

new year

The Hijri new year had just begun and the other new year is coming soon. I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a good and eventful year ahead.

It's also a time to reflect on the past year, on what have been achieved so far and how we can improve further, on all aspects of our life. So, looking back - having started in January 2008 - this blog is almost 1 year old. Yeay!! Although, as you can see, the number of posts have constantly decreased month to month, I still feel that writing posts in this blog brings a lot of joy to myself primarily, and hopefully to others as well.

It just started as a small project for our little family to document the developments of the beautiful little baby that we welcomed into our life. I didn't want to take blogging too seriously, so while there's so much doom and gloom and seriousness hapening all around us in the world today, we'll just focus on our own little fun and games.

a prosperous year ahead, hopefully

Looking forward to the next year, there's so much to look forward to. The little baby is now an active toddler, shouting god-knows-what in her own language while doing all sort of stuff and trying to imitate the adults. Oh, it's gonna be a lot of fun and we hope we can share them all in the next year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

1 comment:

Hanys Jehari said...

hye nadhrah.. (ala, bukan baby pon yg tulis, mumy nyer yg tulis kan??).. nadhrah tanya mumy, bila nak dpt baby lagi?? hehehe

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