Mar 16, 2010

zoo negara @ 2 years old


The last time I went to zoo negara, I had so much fun looking at the animals, although I didn't know many of them. This time Umi and Baba brought me there again to see some animals that I like to see so much from my books. The timing could be better though, they should've realized that the national zoo would be packed with hyper-adrenaline-filled-kids during the holidays that was the Chinese New Year. Probably overload of Mandarin oranges during this time?

these giraffes are so tall!

c'mon giraffe, eat some greens!!

hey, I saw some of your friends back in kuala gandah

here, have some sugar cane, but don't take too much sugar ok!

camels are cool

and they sure can pose when u want them to

me not afraid of getting my hands bitten off

they're so cute, aren't they?

I think when I grow up I wanna be a zoologist... or a zookeeper... or a zoowoman... or a zoolander...

A few more pics here.

1 comment:

..nadyne.. said...

wahhh bestnya kak nadhrah go to zoo, twice already!! nanti ajakla nadyne sekali.. tp jgnle be zoolander!! hehe..

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