Mar 19, 2010

the invasion

Last week, as usual Baba would send me down to Nenek's house in the morning before he goes to work. I was expecting it to be a normal day, just like any other day - Baba send me, he goes off, I stay with my Nenek, in the evening Umi fetch me back.

Little did I realise that that Monday morning would be a different morning, unlike any other of my previous mornings. I arrived at Nenek's house expecting nothing less than a normal day. But sometimes for some reason people will be put through a different experience although I don't know what that reason is.

Of course, I wasn't expecting anything other than the ordinary that day, cos it seemed to be just an ordinary day. Baba acted just as usual, so did Umi and Nenek on that morning. I did not think that it would be any different from other days cos it just seemed to follow the same script of the days before.

Like I said over the 3 paragraphs before this, it seemed like a normal day just like any other day. But somehow, I'm still writing about the same thing about how it's going to be different on this day, while you are still reading this fourth paragraph not knowing what it is.

You see, when I arrived at Nenek's house, suddenly I felt something...

warrghhh... what's this behind my leg???

I turned around to see what it was...

grrr... we're invading this house y'all!!

Kittens!! Woweeee... there are three kittens plus the mother cat which all of a sudden just made Nenek's house their home. They're so cute and playful!!

the 3 kittens like to play and jump on each other (altho I don't have photos of all of them cos they're all around the place)

they're not afraid of me, they're like a bunch of explorer kittens!!

we would provide some milk for them daily

and my mealtime would take place outside at the porch, cos I like to play with them so much!!

comel nyerr dia menggeliat

they're also so playful and hyperactive, climbing around everywhere (sorry the photos are all of low quality, becos Baba took them using handphone)

But that was the invasion that happened last week. This week, I was expecting to see the kittens again when I arrived at Nenek's house. However, they're no longer there and I don't see them around too often anymore. Sometimes they would be at the next door neighbour's house, but most of the time I no longer see them running around.

I guess they have moved on to their next explorer adventures and made home somewhere else. Well, it was good while it lasted...

Come again anytime ok, little kittens!!

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