Apr 5, 2010

balloon fiesta

Belated post. I'm sure this was the highlight of most ppl 2 weeks ago, especially the bloggers in Klang Valley that we follow.

Some highlights :

We went there on Sunday, the final day of the event, together with my aunt Che'ah. We reached there around 8am, when a lot of the balloons were already in the skies, and most of them are landing. We did get to see some good ones though, like the darth vader in the skies, side-cut oranges and levi's jeans, although that one didn't take off from the ground.

We had picnic and breakfast of nasi lemak that Baba bought on the way. When we sat there, there were like nobody sitting on the ground. Only after we spread our tikar and started having breakfast on the ground, other people started to pick their spot somewhere near ours. Trendsetter gitu... hahaha

I had to cry to get Baba to buy the bubble-making-thing. Only the one with batteries were sold, no manual ones where you have to blow them, so Baba had to buy one for me.

Umi said I was cranky that morning, not really enjoying the paramotors, hot air balloons, big balls with people in them and all. Well, I was woken up at 7am, what do you expect? Hihihi... I straight away slept in the car when we left the place around 11am.

I still had a pretty interesting time though...

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