Apr 16, 2008

baby izz amin

Baby Izz Amin was born on the 17th of March 2008. He's my new playfriend, a bundle of joy for Umi and Baba's KMYS friends Uncle Reza & Auntie Ikmal. This post is already late, and Uncle Reza and other parties have been waiting and waiting for me to post about this.

So we went to visit them a couple of weeks ago, to see my new playfriend and also to present him with the gift that Umi bought on behalf of all the KMYS2000 clan. We went there during lunch time, and the hosts was really nice & hospitable to prepare us lunch. What surprised us the most is the fact that Uncle Reza also cooked one of the dishes!

2 of Baba's KMYS2000 & regular futsal friends also arrived later - Uncle Meon & Uncle Aizat. FYI, they're the KMYS2000 batch's most eligible bachelors (along with Uncle Apai) currently, so any inquiries are most welcome!

I also get to test baby Izz Amin's new red stroller. So we bought him a new red car seat to match with his stroller, so that his parents can take him to places and see the world much like Umi and Baba has done with me.

dreaming of his playfriend

besnye dia tido kene bungkus

can't wait to play with my playfriend

Umi, keciknye budak tu!! (tak sedar diri)

the parents beaming with happiness

staring at his sleeping prince

Uncle Meon (in grey) : Ko bile lagi Bozat? Aku tunggu ko...
Uncle Aizat (in green) : Aku tunggu Apai...
Uncle Reza : Hmm.. bile laa tu agaknye...

Soon baby izz amin can go jalan-jalan on this car seat that we bought for him.

More pictures can be enjoyed here


aidafiqs adamia said...

ape pasal uncle reza the same pose for 2 pics? hehe

muiz said...

pasal dia syok tgk baby dia... pandangan yang menyejukkan hati.. huhuhu

Anonymous said...

comel giler laa izz... nie mmg copy muka abah dier nie.. :P

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