Dec 23, 2008


So this year's Aidiladha was spent at Baba's kampung halaman in Terengganu. It was a long journey, the highlight of which of me poo-poo-ing right after we left the rest area. Umi and Baba had to endure 20 full minutes of 'fresh' smell inside the car before we found a suitable place to stop and change.

We had a stopover at Rumbia Resort Villa @ Paka where we regrouped with the others. The place is managed by AyahNgah's company, so we had a nice bungalow all to the seven of us. We were treated to a nice dinner, and woke up the next morning with another great meal for breakfast. Well, we expect no less since AyahNgah's company is primarily in F&B.

playing near the swimming pool right after breakfast..

..wanting to jump right into the water..

..until Umi had to drag me away from there all crying

Next day, we went to KT to go sight-seeing (and some shopping as well!). The Monsoon Cup was going on at the same time, but we only watched the action from afar. Umi and Baba wasn't too interested, plus there was a large crowd to manouevre. There were also free rides on the bot penampang just for ppl to watch the sailing action from up close, which we passed. Our first stop.. Pasar Besar Kedai Payang!!

Umi, I want that one up there!

Pakcik, bagi diskaun sikit bole tak?

Next we went to the Taman Tamadun Islam, where there were small versions of many masjids from around the world. We didn't actually go in, but we spent some time near the Masjid Kristal and the nearby park where I had my lunch before everyone else.

adegan di perantauan by me.. sungguh syahdu (haha.. amik ayat from ibuhannah)

running around the place like nobody's business

After that it was time for the adults to have their lunch, so we made a stopover to a nearby restaurant. Check out the skillz that Baba has taught me:

angkat tangan!!

tutup mata!!

bukak mulut!!

The next day, it was Aidiladha. We had a nice meal after solat raya with sate, nasi himpit and nasi dagang all on the menu. After that, Baba and the men in the family went for the qurban and brought home seekor lembu kurban untuk dilapah (don't know how to translate this). It's all done at home kampung style...

Warning: The following pictures may contain disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised!!

men at work

Baba in the thick of the action

The next day was our last day before we journey back to KL and resume our lives and the end of our holiday. Boo-hoo! The three of us spent some time in the morning at the beach. Yeaayyy beach!! It was the monsoon season and the waves was banging the shores. Baba wanted so much to dive into the water and body-surf, but the fear of being a front page news somehow held him back.

lovin' the beach

we'll miss you, Terengganu!

More pictures can be viewed here.

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