Dec 11, 2008

Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out @ kizsports OU

We had such fun at kizsports for the Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out the other day. Umi and Baba pun excited terlebih before we got there. Once we were there, I got a free t-shirt for the event. Even the smallest size was still too big for me, but that was fine, as long as I get to play and play and play!!

small kid, big shirt, huge playland

The kids were grouped according to the sticker colours, and I got the blue one. I think the blue ones are for cuter & nicer kids like me, cos they asked the other coloured-stickered-kids to have limbo rock kind of dance while we blue ones get to play in a nice little gym room. Hahah. No laa, I think it's mostly by their age group.

playing happily in the gym

Oh, my cousins were there as well! Umi got to bring one guest family, so cousin Sarah & Faiez came along. While cousin Aimar also got the invite due to being a gym class member at kizsports. So it was plenty of fun for all 4 of us little kids, together with all the other kids to play all over the place.

my 2 cousins was there to join in the fun

There were so many activities going on. There were colouring contest for kids, although I would be too artsy to join them. The kids are expected to colour inside the lines, while for me, I'm more of an abstract art kind of person, so there's no such thing as a line for me. So I didn't take part in them, but cousin Aimar did and produced a masterpiece!

Picasso beware!!

There were also talks by a nutritionist and another blogger. Umi and Baba took turns to join and listen. There were chances to win so many cool things like thumb drives. While yours truly continued to roam the playland!!

the slides were certainly the highlight of the playland! weeeee...!!

Lunch was provided for all, including the kids. But it's still Umi's yummy homemade food for me. They probably had a hard time feeding me, while my eyes was still fixed on the playland area.

discussing while makan time what we were going to play next

After the lunch, there was still time for a magic show from a magician who calls himself Mr. Banana. Hmmm, I wonder how he came up with that name.. Houdini himself would have been impressed. It was entertaining and some of the kids got to be involved as well.

some magic skillz on display

After everything ends, we get to the final, nail-biting prize-giving ceremony. We have been lucky with nuffnang before, and this time we got lucky as well with the consolation prize. It's no Disneyland trip, but the RM100 MPH voucher is still just as good. Congratulations to, they were deserved winners for their well-designed post.

yeay yeay dapat hadiah!! (pic from nuffnang blog)

There is still one prize up for grabs and here's hoping this will get me that 32' LCD TV for me to watch all those cartoons educational TV when I'm not on a day out. Thank you Nuffnang and Friso! It was a great and most generous event!

As usual, more pics can be found here.


iL4na said...

u turun slide skali ngan nadhrah ke eeda? i x berani laa hehe

btw congrats on the winning :)

babynadhrah said...

umi nadhrah: of course laaa... won't miss it for the world.. zaman-zaman kite dulu takde kids gym camni.. so tumpang sekaki laa.. hehehhe

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