Feb 17, 2011

Melaka City

Melaka city centre has changed a lot since the last time Umi and Baba were here (I was still not around at that time, they said)... with all the hulabaloo last year about Melaka now being a developed city at 2010hrs, 20/10 2010 last year. (and then saw the monorail stopped working after the first day... erks)

Jonker Street was a revelation. Umi & Baba didn't know how they somehow missed Jonker Street's atmosphere altogether the last time. Umi and Baba remembered being brought by the rickshaw (i.e. beca - for RM40 per hour) through Jonker Street, stopping by Makam Hang Kasturi and one boutique hotel, but they didn't experience the whole chinatown/uptown-esque vibe last time out. Now it's so vibrant and full of people and all sorts of colours.

handphone accessories

scarves galore

social media friendly selipar jepun (going cheap at RM10!!)

The historical places remain the same (we didn't actually enter into/visit any of them), but the much of the surrounding have transformed. A little touch here and there - and probably more people thronging the streents - makes the city a more livelier and vibrant place, instead of just old historic places with pockets of tourists admiring Malaysia's 16th century history.

cendol under the tree in front of the Stadthuys

it was hot, and I couldn't stop 'riding' the umbrella like a pony

oh so colourful rickshaws

The river cruise is one welcome addition to the whole Melaka city centre experience. Granted, there were not much to be seen from the cruise itself except for the back of old Malay village houses and shoplots along the river. But the cruise itself is a relaxing way to explore the city, and we were greeted with huge lizards living by the river side, eating fish it caught from the waters. There was also another lizard hanging out at the mangrove tree area which the city deliberately left unscathed to keep the ecosystem of the river intact.

Along the river bank we also saw the infamous Melaka monorail, which is nothing more than 2 stations linked by a thin rail with trains going to and fro. To see what, I am still not sure, cos it wasn't really at the historic site of the city. But it was definitely not for transport purposes, more like a sightseeing passenger-ferrying thingy.

getting too comfortable on the river cruise

tickets for RM10 per adult, and free for myself of course

The melaka old buildings are a mish-mash of untouched, abandoned old-school units as well as newly-refurbished & renovated units, some of which are converted into boutique hotels, cafes and budget inns. Some of the buildings are given a new touch with murals and paintings which mostly depicts Melaka's history and myths of old, such as Hang Tuah and the likes. I'm not too sure whether these paintings are a good addition or a mistake, but it does give an extra dimension to Melaka.

along the river, there are Melaka trees planted

i wonder whether the building owners even like the murals...

... especially when it turns out some angry-looking face are on it

just the natural walls are great photo spots

i'm so happy I can close my eyes now...

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