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14 Nov 2011 - 02 Jan 2012

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Feb 8, 2011

Melaka Wonderland

Chinese New Year (CNY) 2011 was a real angpau for me, as i have 4 days off from school.. Yeahoo!!.. Our first trip for 2011 is to the newly launched water theme park, Melaka Wonderland...

it was a last minute plan.. most of the accommodations in Melaka was fully booked due to the long holiday.. however, Umi managed to book a room through at Hallmark Inn Hotel, Jalan Munshi Abdullah through Agoda... I'll tell you more about the hotel later in my next entry...

we went there together with Nenek and Uncle and arrived at 10am... at that point, the main carpark was full, so Baba had to park the car at the roadside.. no wonder most hotels were full... i got in for FREE.. only those who are taller than 90cm need to pay for entrance fee... ain't it lucky to be ME? :)

in lala wonderland!!

most of the tables with umbrellas were occupied... so we had to take a port at the cafe, which looked similar to a school canteen.. huhu..
i spent most of my time at the children pool which was really cool!!.. i love slides, be it dry or wet... there's this one time, i couldn't straightened up my body so my face bumped on the big white slide... i didn't cry though.. and that incident didn't put any fear to me on riding the slides.. Baba didn't managed to take photos of me on the slides since he had to be ready to grab me at the end of the slide..


Usually when Umi and Baba brought me to any theme park, they didn't had the chance to play those heart-wrecking rides since i'm still not qualified to joined them... since Nenek and Uncle came along, they could babysit me while Umi and Baba 'melepaskan gian'.. heehee..

at 12noon, the theme was flooded with people and the weather started to heat up.. we decided to had our last dip in the water, changed and headed ourselves to Jasin... was that the whole trip? of course not.. stay tuned to my next entry... daaaa... 

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