Jan 18, 2008

on Umi's besday

So where did we go to on Umi's besday? Well, let me tell you, it's a long journey to... the nation's administration capital & the nation's multimedia super corridor! The day before, Baba just told Umi, "Esok kite keluar pukul 11 yek?" without telling her where we would go to. That very morning, we showed her my besday greeting post here, which was a nice surprise to her as well.

So off we went at 11am sharp. Baba decided to take the new KL-Putrajaya highway route just to test it out while it's still free. The expected long journey there really seemed short - partly cos I felt asleep in the car on Umi's shoulders - and because of the new highway.

Once we're there, we went straight to lunch at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya. It's a nice place to eat with the view of the lake and Putrajaya's PM complex. The food was ok, I guess, since I did not have any. But Umi and Baba seems to be enjoying it.

we've arrived!

just the three of us

umi's birthday lunch...

..which was so yummy..

..and so delicious..

..but I can only look from afar..

..well, might as well play with my teether

After that, next activity - surprise for Umi!! We took Umi to Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa to treat her for a spa and massage break. Actually Baba promised her this last year, but then she got pregnant with me and they couldn't risk having spa and massage while Umi being pregnant. It could have harmed the baby, which would turn out to be me!

yeayyy!! Umi will get spa treatment!!

So Umi's spa treatment - which consists of bath, scrub and massage (and a surprise birthday cake!) - was going to take 2-and-a-half hours. So me and Baba left Umi to indulge in the treatment and we left to go sightseeing. Baba likes to see Putrajaya's iconic buildings, which are a sight to behold. You couldn't find these kind of design and architecture here in Malaysia 10 years ago, and now they're all in the same place.

I love being in the car!

all ready with my daddy

Baba's co-driver

After that, we went to Alamanda Putrajaya. I need my milk supply and a diaper change, while Baba also needs a break from all those driving.

yeay! another shopping mall conquered!

I heard about this place before..

the fountain of youth has turned me into a baby!

crouching baby, hidden nadhrah

We sent off Umi at 2pm, so at 4.30pm we went back to fetch her. When we reached there, Umi was a few more minutes due to come out. While we were waiting, the staff there at Sembunyi Spa really took a liking to the cute lil' me. Hihihi...

no worries..

..I'm just the center of attention

Umi's all freshened up!!

So Happy Besday, Umi!! Hope you enjoyed your besday this year, the first one with your baby daughter!!

one small happy family


Anonymous said...

Oitt....happy besday to your umi... kak linda was so busy and unfortunately happened to forget her best fren's birthday. soooo sorry la eeda.... was in the middle of big career crisis few weeks ago. anyway alhamdulilah everything settled now (at least for a while). happy belated besday dear eeda!!! bestnyer dapat g spa!!! aaaaa..jeles2.... aku jua mau di urutiinnn... ko mesti enjoy spa itu, maka, semoge byk lagi bende2 yg akan ko enjoy di masa hadapan (ni wish besday aku utk ko la ni..)aminn..

Anonymous said...

thanks malin!!!! eh sejak bile lak jadik 'kak linda' nii... allooo... nadhrah panggil kawan umi 'auntie linda' okeyyy....

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