Jan 11, 2008

sogo yatta!!

My pictures usually come a bit late, since umi and baba usually uploads them only after the memory card is full. Well, what to do... i wish i can upload the pics a.s.a.p but i'm just a 4 and a 1/2 month-old baby after all.

So i don't have our pics of umi's birthday yesterday where we went out and celebrated it. Me and baba also left umi somewhere where she can relax while we went off jalan-jalan on our own. What we have here are our activities last weekend.

One of umi's friends got married last week. This is my first time going to a wedding, and i'm so excited!! I got to wear a brand new headband that umi bought for me. Yeay!

getting all ready

umi and her friends

hang on to umi tight...

...cos i knew this would happen

center of attention

umi and her friend... congrats auntie kamy!!

also met my playfriend seth haiqal at another wedding... look how chubby he is!!

The following day, we went to Sogo, KL. Another first for me! This is my first trip to KL. When we were going out of the house, it was so hot and the sun was shining so brightly i couldn't open my eyes. But when we reached KL, it started to rain and eventually it poured. I slept in the car as the air-cond was blowing cold with the rain outside. The next thing i know, we're in Sogo!

umi wants a new stroller for me (but baba's not so keen... more on that later)

but all i want are those colorful toys for myself!!

sogo yatta!!


iL4na said...

hello playfriend nadhrah..hope to meet u anytime soon! :):)


babynadhrah said...

hello sethHaiqal!! didn't notice this comment before... well, i'm so new in this blogging thing... :)

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