Jul 29, 2009

post 101

Didn't realise that the previous post was my post no. 100. And that makes this one post no. 101. Wohoo, a milestone!! Hahahha... Sure doesn't feel like one, what with the lack of updates.

Last 2 weekends, we were there at the bestest birthday party ever this year. There were balloons and water balloons, inflatables, swings, balls, bicycles, a sandpit and a really cool trampoline!! Although we came late and missed the birthday song and all, we sure did have a lot of fun. Thanks a lot to mommy of tripletsplusOne for the invite. (Baba is secretly asking whether we can do playdates becoz he wants to get on the trampoline again..)

Sadly we didn't bother with the camera becoz we're more interested with the toys and food (and nobody seems interested to snap our pics.. hahaha perasan femes walaupon tak sebenanye), so there were no pictures to share, only good memories in our hearts.

So I'll just leave you guys with this photo of nadhrah at another birthday party (dah basi punyer) so u can imagine that we were having fun at A birthday party...

hahah.. bole tak mcm ni??

Jul 9, 2009

haa.. buat apa tu!!


golongan cerdik suka membaca sambil melakukan'nya'..

Wanna know what I'm doing?? ... I'm halfway through my potty-training class!! Hihihi..

OMG.. so long no updates. It's just that season again. I'm not just not updating this blog, I even haven't find time to read other blogs from the blogosphere..
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