Sep 8, 2010

eid mubarak 1431h

we will be spending the 1st three days of Raya at Onyang's kampung, Sitiawan Perak.. and both Umi and Baba will be having their long break after Raya.. that means more ADVENTURE FOR ME!!!

Eid Mubarak to all.. Have a save journey..

Aug 21, 2010

3 years old!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Btw, check out Umi's for our Ramadhan sale. Check out our cute range of kids' clothes, shoes and headwear ;)

Ramadhan mubarak everyone...!!

Jun 2, 2010


Birthday dinner for April babies (I know, so not up to date!!) at delicious. First time for me there. Kinda like the atmosphere & the colours. The food, in my humble opinion, is kinda so-so though..

it's so delicious

making faces

more faces

activity sheet for intelligent kids

playful cousin Aimar

delicious err.. food

random pillows

By the way, is having a mid-year sale from 1-18 June 2010. Come check it out!!

May 6, 2010

cousin Nadyne's besday

Belated post of cousin Nadyne's 2nd besday last month. I had great fun with bubbles and balloons, and it made for great photo opportunities. Nadyne turns 2 this year and she's picking up a lot of words really fast and quickly becoming the girl in Uncle Anuar's life.

Birthday girl with Uncle Anuar (please don't mind Che'Ah, she likes to enter frame)

tiup nadhrah tiup

makan nadhrah makan

tiup Chuna tiup

Umi and Baba, let's go fly like UP!

The rest of the pics :

May 4, 2010

introducing stylotots!!

You may have noticed the Stylotots banner we have up there. Well, Umi has started her very own online shop, selling babies, toddlers and kids apparels - both branded and non-branded. It's a little project that has been delayed for quite some time by Umi, no thanks to Baba being always too busy to help Umi designing the site and everything.

Fortunately Umi found a platform at for publishing online shops. Out of coincidence, is run by a company run by Umi's ex-schoolmates.

I hope you can support Umi with her little personal effort here. Items are limited as of now, and we're expecting some more delivery soon. Show some love at !!

Available items :
Hair accessories

Girl dresses



Baby shoes

Apr 28, 2010

cousin Sarah

Nadhrah's cousin Sarah just went through a successful surgery related to her cleft lip. Let's all pray for her speedy recovery from her 4th surgery in her very young life.

You can read more about Sarah here.

On a totally unrelated story, one day we heard Nadhrah singing :

besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya.. kala hatiku... (ulang ulang banyak kali)

We were thinking, what song is that she's singing? "Besar besar"? What is this "besar besar" song? But somehow it sounded so familiar. After much thinking, then Baba finally figured it out. Nadhrah was singing Extravaganza by Bunkface!! (Link)

Actual lyrics :
Rasa resah jangan kau percaya
Dalam hatimu (dalam hatimu)
Rasa resah jangan kau percaya
Kata hatimu (kata hatimu)

besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya..
kala hatiku...
besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya..
kala hatiku...

Sejak bile jadik bunkfan nih?
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