Oct 31, 2008


When you were a baby/toddler, what did you wanted to be when you grow up? A fireman? A policeman? A lawyer? A doctor? Laaaaaame... I wanna be..
an Xtreme Sports Athlete!!

this is just a start to my rock climbing adventures

getting used to cliffhanging before I do the real thing

p/s: All action stunts are done with adult supervision. Babies, don't do this at home.

Oct 24, 2008

the teeth

Beware. The teeth are getting bigger. And more of them are popping up!

It's a struggle nowadays for Umi/Baba to brush my teeth. I would squiggle and squaggle and move my head out of the way of the toothbrush.

And don't simply put your fingers in this mouth. These teeth are strong, and man, can I bite!

p/s: We would be out of town this weekend, going back up to Sitiawan for a family arrangement (Umi's dear uncle is going to Hajj, and he's throwing a kenduri). Seafood products, anyone?

Oct 22, 2008

Oct 15, 2008

corat coret aidilfitri

Me and my Onyang

She's over 80-years-old (even Umi didn't know her exact age), but she's still strong, and I could say healthy. She could walk around the house with no problems. She also went to the Raya prayers, and to the grave of her late beloved husband.

Our new ride

.. and it's more comfortable than the Kelisa. Plus we get to put a whole lot more stuff in the trunk. We got it just the day before we went back to Sitiawan. And I got to puke in it on the way back home :)

The vicious-looking dog

This dog actually belongs to the house in Sitiawan. The only Malay house over there with a dog. But it's not exactly a pet, it's more to get rid of the pesty monkeys from the hasil-hasil tanaman. And I should say, they're (there are 2 of them) quite well trained. We can hardly find any dog poo around and they don't chase after people, except when somebody gets on the kapcai and they're all excited to chase and follow :

Trip to the beach

Yeszaaa, we went to the beach. The nearest one was Teluk Senangin. There was also Teluk Batik and the Lumut jetty (for trips to Pulau Pangkor) nearby, all within 15-20 minutes drive. The beach here was clean cos not that many people come (and leave their litter all over the place). But to my disappointment we didn't have a dip in the water, Umi and Baba wasn't in the mood to get wet then. So just some quality time on the sands..

Meriam buluh paip besi

This is the meriam paip besi that we have in kampung. But nobody wanted to play it seriously, cos there's too many adults around. But we did get a taste of the action and the sound :

Oct 9, 2008

raya in sitiawan

This year we went balik kampung to Sitiawan, Perak (Umi's side). Last year I was just a few weeks old and we spent raya at PJ (Baba's side). This is my first time going back to my Onyang's in Sitiawan. It was a great kampung experience, with all the grown-ups working together to prepare lemang, rendang and ketupat the day before raya. And the kids just playing around, hihihi.

For raya, Umi bought me a baju kurung-like outfit. The material is for a usual baju kurung, but the top is something like a bat-type (baju kelawar) top and fitted with pants. Umi just thought that I would get hot easily in a baju kurung, and it would limit my movement.

baju raya yeayyyyy!!

After all the men and women (except for Umi because she had to take care of me) returned from the Eid prayers, we had a family photo session in front of the kampung house.

my extended family

the family of 3

Then came the time for bersalam-salaman with the grown-ups of the family - and for me, to collect some duit raya!

baby kayoooo...

Then Baba followed the grown-ups to visit kubur Atok for tahlil and yaasiin, while me and Umi stayed behind. May Allah shower His blessings on arwah Atok.


In the evening, we also managed to visit some relatives. A little story during our visit - some kids came to the house while we were visiting, you know, budak-budak 'Assalamualaikum!!'. First there were two little boys. After they ate some kuih raya and decided to leave, Baba the ever generous gave duit raya to both of them (Baba's sampul was all filled with RM5). Then after a few minutes, the 2 boys came again, and they brought with them another 6 kids with them!! When they were leaving, Nenek was the one who gave them duit raya (RM2 each). When we were leaving, we overheard them say "Abang tu laa yang bagi 5 ringgit tadi...".

Huhuhu... kids nowadays...

Oct 6, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya everyone

Hopefully it's not too late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin. We didn't manage to update before we went off to the kampung halaman in Sitiawan (more on that later...)

Some of our effort in putting up a raya greeting before raya, although didn't manage to put it up on time for Eid..

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