Jun 20, 2011

excuse me, hunters at work...

umi and baba used to be regular hunters way back before i was born.. after all those hunts they've went to, they always got back empty-handed.. not even fortunate enough to win the lucky draws.. huhu..

umi's company (not literally her 'own' company, but the company that she's employed to), organised a treasure hunt for staffs and families.. the hunt route is from Kuala Lumpur to Damai Laut.. umi decided to sign-up as a family team, since the registration fees were considerably cheap, which inclusive of 1 night accommodation, dinner and breakfast... so this is officially my first treasure hunt... and our team name is "Red Zoomers"...

clad in red... we are team 10

highlight of this hunt is of course the Grand Prize of RM1000 cash... two special award on "best decorated hunt car" and "the funniest hunt answer"... and not to forget lucky draws... some team did a lot of effort in decorating their cars...

some put flowers, cash (fake of course), and even Barbossa's pet monkey...

our team flagged off at 7.55am and have to reach Damai Laut before 4.55pm...

basically i don't really know what we do in a treasure hunt, but Baba kept stopping the car now and then, while umi looked outside and scribbled something on a paper.. along the way, we have to stop to do 2 challenges... the 1st one was testing our sniffing ability.. we were required to guess 5 items by smelling it from small bottles and were only given 1.5mins to complete this challenge.. i was already sleeply when we reached here, hence Baba had to carry me..
sniff... sniff... 

the 2nd challenge was to guess 5 types of fruit and vegetable based on the photos that were sticked on a white car.. this was a tricky challenge as the photo were taken close-up and in black and white.. we had to rely on umi for this challenge, since baba is not a vege-lover..

what's this? cekodok pisang?

umi brought some snacks and books to make sure i don't get bored easily while sitting long hours in the car... well that didn't work long as i was been asking the same question every 10 minutes, "bile nak sampai ni?", which really tested their patience in the car.. huhu..

finally after the long hours in the car, we have reached our destination, Swiss Garden Damai Laut..

the banner that greets our arrival...

to our suprise, we were the first team arrived...

submitting our treasure hunt items and answer sheets

the prize-giving ceremony was held during dinner.. so while waiting for the announcement, 'kite makan dulu!...'

nyumm.. nyumm.. nyumm..

and now, "The Grand Prize Winner, who gained 126 points, with only 1 incorrect hunt answer, goes to.... RED ZOOMERS!!"... wooohooo, we won!! yeay!! not only that, we also manage to won a lucky draw.. i think i'm the one who bring luck to both of them, so they better bring me along to their treasure hunt trip again..

photo poorly taken by umi's colleague (no offence).. and our winning tokens..

the next morning, before we headed off back to KL, we did some other activities..

lets play sand!

construction begins

result: a network of island

enjoying the playground

baba showing-off his Legolas' skills

umi, reminiscing her archery skills during school years...

Jun 6, 2011

kiara park @ttdi

i love playing in the park and playgrounds, who doesn't right? this was the second time i went to Kiara Park at TTDI.. some called it Bukit Kiara Park or Taman Rekreasi Lembah Kiara (and many other names).. it is located in front of Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (2)... the huge park is accommodated with jogging and cycling tracks, a stretched of lake filled with cute turtles (don't forget to bring some bread  vegetables to feed the hungry turtles), playgrounds, skating ring and open areas for aerobics or tai-chi.. suitable for family recreational activities..

scenic view of Kiara Park at TTDI

since the weather is super-hot nowadays, the best time to enjoy the park is in the morning.. what i like the most about this park is the water stream which is the main attraction for kids my age..

always be prepared with my digging tools..

found a perfect spot for soil-exploration..


nasi lemak for breakfast..

this is how you make a shipwreck..

some kids hijacked my digging tools... nevermind, sharing is caring

lets end the day by happily running through the slides

Jun 4, 2011

5 years

5 years ago, they were united at a very humble place, Surau Darul Muhajirin Taman Selasih 2.. witnessed by relatives and close friends...

a year later, they were blessed by an adorable angel (that's me of course..)

and now here we are...

Happy Anniversary Umi and Baba!!
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