May 30, 2008

days of being wild

I'm climbing stairs now!! Huhuhu...

What do you think happens next in the video?
A - Nadhrah successfully climb up till the top and do a victory dance
B - Umi comes back from the toilet and freaks out to discover Nadhrah climbing the stairs (all this while Baba's taking the video)
C - Baba's camera runs out of memory space, thus you don't really know what happens next
D - All of the above

May 23, 2008


Me and all my cousins had a little 'gathering' when our newest member, cousin Nadyne had a first visit to the PJ house. Cousin Aimar was also here, coming back from Japan for a little holiday in good ol' Malaysia. So all of us had a little chaotic playful evening, bringing down the house with cries, fights (over who gets the toys, of course) and a good family fun time.

7 of tokPa&tokMa's grandchildren (plus 2 of my aunties)

diorg ni dah besa pun nak kene pegang

okay, picture time's over... first to the toy gets it!!

test driving trying out cousin Aimar's walker
(soon after that, I got my own!! weeeee...)

We also learnt that Tia's going to move to Kuantan next year. That means cousins Ikie, Miza, Faiez and Sarah are all going too!! Aaaawww.. I was just thinking about forming a 'girl power' trio with cousin Sarah & cousin Nadyne (you know, to play masak-masak, rumah-rumah, barbie doll and the likes). Now that plan's down the drain...

On the other hand, I'm also looking forward to visiting them and having a good time on the beach in Kuantan soon. With them going to Kuantan and Aimar in Japan, that leaves me and cousin Nadyne to bring down the house during weekends.. w00t!!

with my 'thinking cap', i can think of the many ways to terrorise the house!!

May 14, 2008

spongebob squarepants

babynadhrah : hello spongebob
spongebob : helloooo there... hahahhahah!!
babynadhrah : you're just a square sponge living in an ocean, and yet kids love u so much
spongebob : I knooowwww!! hahahahahah!!
babynadhrah : I know some adults who love you too... actually Umi loves to watch your show too!
spongebob : of cooourse... hahahahaha!!
babynadhrah : she even chose to buy spongebob over elmo because elmo's all furry and you are... well... spongy
spongebob : that's great... hahahhahah!!
babynadhrah : enough talking... let's plaaaayyyy!!
spongebob : yeayyy... hahahahaha!!

yeay yeayyyy

hihihi.. i love to play

Note: spongebob squarepants needs to be washed after that because he's full of saliva. But I'm sure he likes water all over him, so I think that should be fine with him...

By the way, which one would it be for you??

May 12, 2008

happy Umi's day

This post is belated by one day, but I would like to wish my Umi and all the Umis out there HAPPY UMI'S DAY!! You're just so perfect, Umi!!

I heart my Umi

May 9, 2008

on all fours

Have you seen this movie? The scene at the end, where sadako comes out of the TV and crawls on all fours, is probably the most scary scene in horror movie history (I might be exaggerating here.. hihihi).

Wanna see something similar? View the video below... I'm warning you, it's not for the faint-hearted!! Even the sound will make your hairs stand up (bahasa org kite) and leave you with goosebumps all over your body. You can't help but feel like being chased by something out of this world, and like it's going to jump out of your computer screen and continue its pursuit anytime...


Hehehehe... big news : I'm a CRAWLER!! And a really active one at that. After toying around with the idea, I finally got the hang of it. And now I just can't stop. Leave me for a few seconds, and chances are I'll be chasing you.

Or if not, I'll be under the table. Whether it's a dinner table or just the small coffee table, those places rock for me. Actually there is a story about this, which happened just yesterday:

Nenek, who is taking care of me when Umi and Baba goes to work, decided to leave me at the living room with my toys for a while to prepare the hot water for my evening bath. For just a few seconds at that. Usually, I will follow her back to the kitchen. But upon her returning back, I'm no longer in sight, and she panicked! She called for me, "Nadhrah, nadhrah", fearing something bad had happened. Seeing her panic, I answered her call with my normal "brrrwaaa..!!!"... from under the coffee table!! Hehehe. I'm turning into this cheeky cute pranskter!!

Umi nadhrah: Now Nenek is having a hard time taking care of this active lil' crawler! Hmmm, I wonder if we should get a walker??

youuuuu cannot catch me...

May 6, 2008

siannye dia

alaaa kesiannye anak Umi demam...

alaaa monyoknye muka dia.. jangkit kat Baba ke ni...

eh... betul ke demam ni.. aktif laa pulak

bes je dia makan main smileyflower teether (yg dah hilang..!!) tu..

just under the wheather a bit... pray for my health ok!!

May 2, 2008

cousin aryanna nadyne

I have made a short mention in my post before about my new cousin Aryanna Nadyne, Pak Alang and Auntie Nia's new princess. We wanted to go and see them in Pantai Medical Center, but when we went there baby Nadyne (as auntie Nia wanted us to call her - but Pak Alang wants us to call her Aryanna!) was under the UV light, so we didn't get a chance to see her.

still smiling after their 20-hour ordeal..

.. because they have got a new bundle of joy!! (picture courtesy of Pak Alang)

So after my cousin was properly discharged, we took the chance to see them at their home in SJ. Baby Nadyne has this really large eyes when she's all woken up, and it's sooooooo beautiful. TokPa and TokMa are also very happy to see their 7th grandchild, not being here when she was born because they were in Japan.

hello world

i'm not the center of attention anymore!!

Umi, keciknye baby tuuuu... (tak sedar diri lagi)

Baba, I can't wait to play with her!!

TokPa & TokMa's seventh blessing

heheh.. baby Nadyne just poo-poo'ed back there!!

More pictures can be viewed here
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