Mar 31, 2008

IT savvy

January 2008...

waaa.. besnye blog ni!!

little blogger updates updates

March 2008...

ooppsss.. the Enter button came off!!

hehehe... jelir jelir lidah...

Baba's gonna have a fit about this..

Oopss... I accidentally pulled off the Enter button of Baba's laptop out of its place. Wanna know what happened? The real story goes like this: Once upon a time, Umi always go online while I play around on the bed. But being an IT savvy baby like me, I'm too bored with all the other baby toys, and I wanna play with a real toy, like a laptop (plus I wanna update my blog!!). Since the Enter button is like, bigger than the others and looks so tempting to be put in my mouth, I tried to yank it and... it got pulled off!!

There's 3 different parts to be put on together, and Umi didn't manage to put them back. So when Baba came back from the office, he tried and managed to put the Enter button back together. (I was already asleep at that time, so Baba didn't get to be angry at me... heheh)

Then the next day, when Baba was at work, he got an SMS from Umi:
Nadhrah cabut Enter button tu lagi!!

So Baba replied:
Ish ish ish.. Dah IT savvy dah budak kecik nih.. Letak dia kat depan laptop tu & amik gambar dia skit...

And now the whole world knows what I did... huhuuhu... :)


Umi's got a job and she's going back to work starting tomorrow! Oh nooo...!! I wonder how I'm going to cope without having Umi around 24/7 with me. I just love spending time with her at home. We get to play play eat eat nenen nenen together-gether and I get to destroy Baba's laptop.

To all the working mothers out there, any tips for Umi on starting back work??

Mar 26, 2008

some assembly required

Baba decided that it's time to refresh the layout... Now the theme colour is green, cos my stroller is a bright flourescent green. We played around with the colours, and did a lot of trial and errors to get this final color scheme. It might be a bit too green, hehehe...

The header image has been changed as well, and they're all pictures of me on my stroller. I'm pretty surprised myself at how perfectly I'm adapting to being strolled on a stroller. I seldom cry and become restless when I'm on it. And I like to munch on the seatbelts - particularly the green cushiony thing there. I can fall asleep easily when I'm sitting on the stroller, as compared to normal times when Umi or Baba have to dodoi me to sleep.

More pics on my stroller:

I love hanging out in my stroller...

Mar 22, 2008

jusco photogenic baby contest @ sunway pyramid

One fine day, Umi and Baba decided to take me to Sunway Pyramid. I thought, yeayy yet another shopping mall!! I heard that there has been a lot of changes to Sunway Pyramid after they added a new, bigger wing and started putting concepts into their shopping spaces (not that I've been there before). Little did I know that Umi and Baba have a surprise for me - which included me going into this Jusco Photogenic Baby Contest!

To enter the contest, all we need to do is buy some baby stuff from the baby section at Jusco totalling above RM30 in single receipt. Umi had in mind to get a mosquito net for my playpen together with the mosquito net stand. The one we are using now is the stretch type which came together with the playpen. Now it's getting too stretched and keeps on coming to my face when I'm asleep. However, we couldn't find any at Jusco, so Umi just bought some simple stuff to make the RM30 mark, which included - a rubber duck (I never had one before), small talcum powder, small baby bath and baby wipes.

So on to the photogenic baby contest. After submitting our forms, we had to wait a while as the photographer and DJ were out for lunch. There weren't too many people there at that time, so we just hang around there waiting for the photo session. However, once the photo session was about to start, parents and their babies started to gather around the place and the place got crammed with people.

waiting for the photo session - I'm all happy and bubbly

Then it's my turn... omg!! I'm so nervous!! and I'm so... sleepy...

hello mr bunny

I managed one happy smile...

then I got too sleepy for a photoshoot

Umi and the photographer trying to get a smile from me

change of position... I'm too tired to sit

but still no smile from me

It's ok, sayang... you'll always be my cute little baby

Then after some nenen & a short nap on my stroller, I'm back to my bubbly old self...


Of course, we don't really hope of being in the final. It was all just for fun - although winning hundreds of ringgit worth of shooping vouchers won't be so bad. More pictures here, including our jalan2 & makan time at Sunway Pyramid.

p/s: But I can still win the happy moments if you keep on voting for my video or blog!!

Mar 17, 2008

i love eating

As the subject says, I love eating!! I'm eating solids twice a day now. In the morning, Umi would make me some Nestle baby cereals which she bought. This would be like a breakfast snack for me, cos I don't eat too much of the cereal. However, my eating highlight of the day would be in the afternoon, when Umi makes me some porridge added with differing vegetable and fruits. Sometimes it would be like carrot, sometimes banana, and sometimes some other vege or fruit that I don't recognise :)

I used to eat lying down back then, but now that I'm sit-training Umi made me sit down while eating too, so that I don't choke on the food. And fortunately, I have the best eating seat & tray in the world, thanks to Umi and Baba's KMYS2000 friends who got together and bought this Fisher-Price baby seat & tray for me. If you notice, Umi put a pillow in front of me so that I won't lean too much to the front (cos my back's not strong enough to support me).

got milk?

hmmm... these ladybirds are so cute they distract me...

kenyang perut suke hati

Mar 11, 2008


I can't sit up on my own yet, but Umi and Baba have been trying to sit-train me..

They started with the Bumbo baby seat in Baba's house in PJ. The seat is actually cousin Aimar's, and I've been using them freely since he's having so much fun blending in with the Japanese in Osaka. (Auntie Alma, gomen-neh!! We're using a lot of Aimar's stuff here, including but not limited to the baby seat, beep, playgym, diaper changing pad etc.) The seat's kinda funny looking, and if you turn it upside down you can clearly see the shape of a baby's buttocks!

What if you don't have a Bumbo baby seater? Well, don't worry... You can follow Baba's idea with an improvised seating device:

There is no rush to get me to sit up. After all, a baby's back is a fragile thing and it's only natural to let me grow up naturally and let nature take its course. Plus when I still can't sit up or move around on my own then I can get Umi and Baba to put me on their laps or carry me around, which is something that I really really like!

[Disclaimer : There are reports all around the Internet of hazards and accidents involving the Bumbo baby seat. So if you don't have one and thinking of getting one, I might as well get you informed. If you already have one, then do take care of your baby when using it.]

By the way, congrats to ChuNa for your excellent SPM results!! Yeay, we're gonna have a doctor in the family soon...!!
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