Sep 28, 2009

sing-along :: air pasang dalam

there is so many versions to this song, but here's how we sing it :

air pasang dalam
surut pukul lima
nyonya bangun pagi
siram pokok bunga

pokok bunga melur
tanam tepi kolam
itik bertelur
ayam mengeram

cik baba
jatuh dalam parit
cik aminah
ketawa jerit-jerit

naik kereta api
singgah kuala lumpur
nampak nadhrah comel
terselit bawah dapur

Sep 17, 2009

salam aidilfitri everyone

Salam Aidilfitri to everyone! We're gearing up for a Raya full of travelling all over Malaysia...

1st Syawal - Raya in PJ
2nd Syawal - Off to Sitiawan, Perak
4th Syawal - To Kota Bharu, Kelantan for a family wedding
6th Syawal - Stopover at Kuantan @ Tia's house
7th Syawal - Home sweet home

If you're around near where we're heading, give us a shout! Maybe we could drop by have some kuih raya (and some duit raya for me $$$) insyaAllah - except for Kelantan maybe, where we really don't know the roads at all huhuhu..

Have a good Raya!!

As you can see, we're having so much fun with these magnetic letters on our fridge

Sep 7, 2009

home sweet home

We have finally moved in to our own new home, starting this Ramadhan. At first Baba and Umi was quite wary of the challenges we are going to face during Ramadhan and moving in at the same time, but so far Alhamdulillah it has been a wonderful (and tiring) experience.

the bare minimalist interior

Actually we got the keys to our condo back in April this year (hence, all the missing blog posts since then... hehehe alasan). But then all the renovation and making sure the place was gonna be livable took so long. Actually the renovation didn't take that long, it was the decision-making that was delayed from one weekend to the next, that the then impending fasting month that finally prompted Umi and Baba to speed things up.

Since it's Ramadhan, there will be no big housewarming from us. However, if you have some home made cooked food and wants to share it with us, you are free to come and buka puasa here! Hehehe..

Some sneak peek :
Living room

Nadhrah's room


Sep 3, 2009

ipoh trip - part 2

Just some random photos of sightseeing in Ipoh...

Stesen Keretapi Ipoh

hotel setesen yeahhh

angkat tangan mcm ultraman!!

I don't remember the name of this building opposite the railway station

Fishes @ the hotel

Oh yeah, we've got fishes in our hotel and I love going to see it! It's just by the cafe, so here I am playing with the fishes while Umi and Baba have their breakfast

There was one particular fish which was bigger than the others, in white. The pool was so shallow that when the big fish swims, its upper fin will be out of the water. So Baba challenged me to touch the fish and I'm always up to the challenge! (While Baba himself could not get himself to touch the fish because of 'geli')

Showing the other kids howtodoit

Night time makan with air buah gelas besar

Umi having her Kuey Tiaw Udang Galah. Well, it wasn't a lobster, but it's still larger than normal

During makan time, I was so into Baba's lychees that at one point, I pulled the glass towards me too quickly and kebooossshh!!, all those air lychee gelas besar that was not even half empty spilled onto me. I knew Baba was very angry with me cos there goes most of his lychee drink and now I'm all wet, but he acted cool and consoled me so that I would not cry and make a scene, cos then both Umi and Baba would have a hard time eating if that had happened. I'm really sorry, Baba!!
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