Apr 28, 2008

elana jasmine's birthday party

Kakak Elana Jasmine had her birthday party a while back. She's Auntie Shikin and Uncle Firdaus's princess, a friend of Umi and Baba. The journey to her house in Pulau Indah was a long one, but this is my first proper birthday party that I'm going to, so I was super excited. She's turning 2 years young - the first of the babies from Umi and Baba's KMYS2000 friends.

The birthday party deco was simple and nice, and there was a lot of orange balls everywhere all over the place. I was too shy to play with Kakak Elana and she was also busy with all the birthday activities and her other relatives, but we had some friendly encounters.

hello kakak elana...

yeayy bola!! bole masuk mulut!!

birthday girl, make a wish...

i wish i will get a younger brother/sister soon...!!

hmmm... bile laa saya nak dapat birthday present ni..

showing off my (half-)crawling skillz

As usual, more pictures here

Apr 23, 2008

good news & bad news

A lot have been happening, and I haven't really had the time to update. However, first things first... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA!! Last weekend was Baba's birthday, and we had a little lunch celebration at TonyRoma's @ Gardens Mid Valley. Umi fell in love with the ribs ever since she ate them at Cineleisure one time ago, and she decided to treat Baba here. As usual, while Umi and Baba ate, I had a lot of fun being restless and stopping them from having a peaceful meal. Hihihi.

my playful Baba

who I can rest on his shoulder

looking forward to many many years of fun together with my Baba


One day after that, we received some bad news. Cik @ TokPa's mum @ Baba's grandma @ my moyang had passed away peacefully of old age in Terengganu. Cik had been bedridden for the past year or so, and for the past few weeks had refused to eat and relied on drips. TokPa & TokMa went back to Terengganu the day before, right after they came back from Japan. TokMa said it was as if she had been waiting for TokPa to come back home to see her before she goes. Baba had to rush from work and join AyahNgah & ChuNa for the trip back to Terengganu. They didn't manage to attend the funeral, but they went to the grave the morning after.

Semoga Allahyarhamah Wan Lijah binti Ahmad digolongkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman dan diredhai Allah.

Apr 16, 2008

baby izz amin

Baby Izz Amin was born on the 17th of March 2008. He's my new playfriend, a bundle of joy for Umi and Baba's KMYS friends Uncle Reza & Auntie Ikmal. This post is already late, and Uncle Reza and other parties have been waiting and waiting for me to post about this.

So we went to visit them a couple of weeks ago, to see my new playfriend and also to present him with the gift that Umi bought on behalf of all the KMYS2000 clan. We went there during lunch time, and the hosts was really nice & hospitable to prepare us lunch. What surprised us the most is the fact that Uncle Reza also cooked one of the dishes!

2 of Baba's KMYS2000 & regular futsal friends also arrived later - Uncle Meon & Uncle Aizat. FYI, they're the KMYS2000 batch's most eligible bachelors (along with Uncle Apai) currently, so any inquiries are most welcome!

I also get to test baby Izz Amin's new red stroller. So we bought him a new red car seat to match with his stroller, so that his parents can take him to places and see the world much like Umi and Baba has done with me.

dreaming of his playfriend

besnye dia tido kene bungkus

can't wait to play with my playfriend

Umi, keciknye budak tu!! (tak sedar diri)

the parents beaming with happiness

staring at his sleeping prince

Uncle Meon (in grey) : Ko bile lagi Bozat? Aku tunggu ko...
Uncle Aizat (in green) : Aku tunggu Apai...
Uncle Reza : Hmm.. bile laa tu agaknye...

Soon baby izz amin can go jalan-jalan on this car seat that we bought for him.

More pictures can be enjoyed here

Apr 11, 2008

more myfamily updates!!

1. Auntie Nia successfully delivered a healthy 3.03kg baby girl yesterday at 5.52PM, apparently after 20 hours of labour. Alhamdulillah, both baby and mommy are doing fine. My new cousin's name is... ARYANNA NADYNE. Yeay, bole main2 dgn dia nanti bile dah besa!!

2. tokPa and tokMa's pictures of their travels to Japan has just arrived, still one more week before they're due to return. The wonders of technology and the internet nowadays. They seem like they're having a lot of fun with cousin Aimar. However, I do wonder how tokPa is coping without his regular dose of golf, what with the Augusta Masters having started.

getting used with japanese food & chopsticks

sakura blossoming (makes me wanna go there!!)

tokPa : yo yo
tokMa : Pa, you're not that young anymore
aimar : hihihi

cameraman : look at the camera, everyone
aimar : tanak...!!
ken watanabe (at the back) : alaa.. tak sempat nak tgk camera!!

Apr 8, 2008

myfamily shoutouts

Just a short post for these shoutouts...

1. A happy (slightly belated) birthday to tokMa who turns 59 while in Japan visiting cousin Aimar. Hope you guys have fun over there. Baba have helped give them some Japanese lessons for them to find their way around (not!! actually Baba just gave them a pocket jap-eng-jap dictionary, which tokMa find the fonts are too small to be read).

my first barber hair stylist

this is my normal face with tokMa.. I always cry when I'm with her!! sorry ye tokMa..

I know that you guys will read this blog from Japan, so don't forget to bring back some ole-ole for babynadhrah here (and also for Umi and Baba) when you get back okay.

(Btw Auntie Alma, Baba's prepared to chip in for any bday presents for tokMa, so just go ahead. He'll pay back in a 1-year instalment plan!!)

2. Auntie Nia will be going into induced labour probably later today. w00t!! Another cousin and playfriend on the way!! Good luck Auntie Nia and Pak Alang!!

Auntie Nia practising her baby carrying skillz

3. chuNa's probably at home reading this, cos she's online all the time. After her excellent SPM results came out, she's become a dedicated brownie & cupcake baker and full time internet junkie, while also applying for universities and scholarships. Good luck chuNa! Also, help chuNa vote for her REXONA TEENS ROOM MAKEOVER...

help chuNa and che'Ah get a room makeover!!

4. Tia's also going overseas to the UK this Friday for some academia work. So that means... more presents for me when she gets back!! Hehehehe... snicker!! Sorry that we (me, Umi and Baba) probably can't send you off to the airport cos it's already past my bedtime by then. So hope you have fun over there, and don't forget to send my regards to Cristiano Ronaldo okay.

fun time with my aunts - Tia, chuNa and Auntie Nia

Apr 6, 2008

eye on malaysia

The Eye on Malaysia. An engineering masterpiece. Err... really?? It was here for the whole of last year at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and we never got the chance to go there (partly because I was still in Umi's tummy until August last year). Since it was extended until Merdeka this year and we didn't know where else to go and it's really quite near to our house, we just decided to go for a spin on the Eye of Malaysia.

For Umi and Baba, who have both separately experienced the bigger, larger, huger London Eye while they were in the UK... this might be nothing. But it's stil an eye-opener for me. Come to think of it, I've never really gone up on a high structure before. So up we went.

One round of the wheel cycle finished quite fast. Took some pictures, but not quite satisfied. We thought we had to exit after one round, but the wheel just continued. After two rounds, it still continued. Took more pictures. Three rounds, still didn't stop. Yeayy! Four rounds, and it still goes on. Weehooo!! Only after the fifth round, the wheel stopped and the doors opened for us to give our way to other people, who we noticed have been waiting since our 2nd round.

So, enjoy the pics...

some pose before going up 'The Eye'

Baba hold me tight, we're going up!!

Umi, why is it breezy in here? Oooo it's the air-cond up there!

I'm way down here!!

So this is why I like to make faces.. I got the genes from Umi!!

a family that sticks together, plays together

More pictures here...
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