Feb 28, 2011

Maulidur Rasul 1432H

Maulidur Rasul 1432H was an interesting affair for me. My kindergarten held an event where we get to march and selawat to Rasulullah SAW. The march took about 10 minutes from a nearby surau to my school. This is the second official event of the school where Umi and Baba joined, the first one being an open day & taaruf session where the parents got to know each other and the teachers.

baca doa sebelum berarak

yeay.. besnye!!

there was even a banner for the event

quite a number of people turned up, from the neighborhood

there were also some who joined from the KAFA school at the surau

When we arrived at my school, there was a pot luck breakfast where parents brought all kinds of food for everyone. The school arranged for parents from different classes to bring different types of food, so Umi brought some apples cos we were assigned fruits. I think everyone was so generous that day, there were like 10 different meehoon from 10 different cooks, and some of them were even left untouched. After that, there was a short presentation and knowledge sharing on Rasulullah SAW's way of parenting for the parents, at which time myself and my friends went upstairs to play and mess around.

After that, there was also a nasyid and singing presentation by the kindergarten students. But I was too shy to join them, although we've been practicing every day for, like, 2 weeks already. So I just stayed with Umi and Baba and watched and enjoyed the whole show, although Baba keeps pushing me to join my friends.

my cute friends singing

while I'm sitting and watching them in awe of their confidence

Umi and Baba also got to see some of the creative stuff that we were doing at school. They shared some of the pictures of our activities, and lucky enough there were 2 pictures of me, doing our sheep project.

projek kambing biri-biri

One of the picture had me with oh-so-messy tudung and a big smile headlined "Nadhrah berpasangan dengan Ameera, Faatih berpasangan dengan Tawfiq dan menamakan kambing masing2". And the other one said "Nadhrah dan Ameera menyiapkan kambing mereka paling awal". Woohooo!! 2 months into school and I'm doing creative fun stuff and enjoying it!!

our special sheep project

4 Perfect!!

Feb 21, 2011

umi's little helper

I'm officially Umi's little helper since i turned 3... i show great interest in house chores and insisted doing it myself... and some times i will do it without being asked...

helping umi water the plants

so that the plants can grow and live

also help umi do the laundry

such a small chore compared to umi's never-ending effort to raise me up

although most of the time, i also like to play and mess around and never clean up later...

building my little small fantasy house

umi and baba will come clean up later yeay!

Feb 18, 2011

saya mahu iPad dari blog MySuperKids

I want an iPad from MySuperkids for my Umi

4 reasons why I want an iPad for my Umi

My Umi owns a blog and an online store, without having her own laptop...
Umi used to own a laptop back in her uni days 5-6 years ago, which is now totally broken. Since then, Umi have been depending on her company’s (not her own company, a company that she worked with) laptop for work and, occasionally, personal matters. But now after her 4th job hopping experience, she's in a position where she can only get a desktop PC instead of a laptop. Boohoo.. After all those years feeling mobile, now Umi is stuck with a desktop which is impossible to bring home to do her ‘unofficial’ work.. huhu… When it comes to purchasing something, she always rethink whether she needs to spend a huge sum of money for herself instead of her family. She is very careful with her personal finances (thanks to tips from MySuperKids, no less), and never buys something out of impulse. In the end, she would  always save the money for something else that can benefit everyone, especially me. Baba has an old laptop running on Windows XP 97 but it is a slowmo machine that really tests your patience in this age of fast computing. It takes minutes to startup, and editing photos or designing graphics in this machine is impossible without the machine hanging. Most of the time Umi would give up on using that old laptop, and will usually sneak her unofficial work during working hours… huhu..
It will be great if I can win the iPad for Umi, so that she can update my blog more regularly and don’t have to use her office desktop sneakily during working hours… (hopefully her boss don’t come across this entry..)

broken laptop

My Umi is a frequent traveller who had to bring 3-4 bags every weekend...
Eventhough we don’t go overseas that often or shall I say never since my existence, but we have our weekly trips to Mama’s place at PJ during weekends. Packing and unpacking is a weekly thing for Umi. If there is a need to use the laptop, Baba had to bring his work laptop which is an additional bag for our weekly trip. Carrying the 3-4 bags weekly from our high-rise home to the parking lot is tiring. And if suddenly we decided to stop by at Digital Mall or anywhere else for that matter, then Baba had to bring along his laptop to avoid from uncivilized Malaysians smashing the car window to steal the laptop. What a hassle, right?
It will feel light like floating in the air if I can win an iPad for Umi, so that we can travel light and she can always slip in the iPad in her chic purple sling bag.

heavy bags

My Umi is passionate in trying new recipes, and she keeps a growing pile of printed recipes in her kitchen drawer...
Umi loves to cook & bake, especially for me. As I grew a year older, I’m becoming a more and more picky eater. Now Umi always try different style of cooking and recipes so that I won’t get bored with food. She tried to make me bento for school, with eggs and carrots looking like rabbits and penguins. Every single morning, Umi will cook lunch & dinner for me without fail. For breakfast, sometimes Baba will stop by the roadside to buy me Nasi Lemak or some kuih on the way.
It will be superlicious if I can win the iPad for Umi, so that she can save all her recipes neatly and search for excellent recipes instantly, especially when she has no idea what to cook at 6 o’clock in the morning.

pile of recipes

My Umi is the best, and I love her so much...
I love Umi so much, as she has taken care of me with so much love, dedication and sacrifices all these years... She was never away from me for more than a day, until she had to go outstation when I was 2 years old. She would tuck me to bed every night until I fell asleep, soothing me with plenty of bedtime stories. She would teach me the ABC and the alif ba ta to make sure I will become a clever and knowledgeable girl.
It will be fantastic if I can win the iPad for Umi, so that we can share more of our loving moments together.

i love my Umi

Oh, I also want an iPad for my Umi....... so that I get to play some cool games on it!!

i want an iPad!

Artikel ini ditulis sebab saya mengidam iPad percuma MySuperKids. Sertai Bengkel Adsense di laman web buat duit online & mulakan gaya hidup sihat dengan vitamin semulajadi ShakleeTrialPack

Feb 17, 2011

Melaka City

Melaka city centre has changed a lot since the last time Umi and Baba were here (I was still not around at that time, they said)... with all the hulabaloo last year about Melaka now being a developed city at 2010hrs, 20/10 2010 last year. (and then saw the monorail stopped working after the first day... erks)

Jonker Street was a revelation. Umi & Baba didn't know how they somehow missed Jonker Street's atmosphere altogether the last time. Umi and Baba remembered being brought by the rickshaw (i.e. beca - for RM40 per hour) through Jonker Street, stopping by Makam Hang Kasturi and one boutique hotel, but they didn't experience the whole chinatown/uptown-esque vibe last time out. Now it's so vibrant and full of people and all sorts of colours.

handphone accessories

scarves galore

social media friendly selipar jepun (going cheap at RM10!!)

The historical places remain the same (we didn't actually enter into/visit any of them), but the much of the surrounding have transformed. A little touch here and there - and probably more people thronging the streents - makes the city a more livelier and vibrant place, instead of just old historic places with pockets of tourists admiring Malaysia's 16th century history.

cendol under the tree in front of the Stadthuys

it was hot, and I couldn't stop 'riding' the umbrella like a pony

oh so colourful rickshaws

The river cruise is one welcome addition to the whole Melaka city centre experience. Granted, there were not much to be seen from the cruise itself except for the back of old Malay village houses and shoplots along the river. But the cruise itself is a relaxing way to explore the city, and we were greeted with huge lizards living by the river side, eating fish it caught from the waters. There was also another lizard hanging out at the mangrove tree area which the city deliberately left unscathed to keep the ecosystem of the river intact.

Along the river bank we also saw the infamous Melaka monorail, which is nothing more than 2 stations linked by a thin rail with trains going to and fro. To see what, I am still not sure, cos it wasn't really at the historic site of the city. But it was definitely not for transport purposes, more like a sightseeing passenger-ferrying thingy.

getting too comfortable on the river cruise

tickets for RM10 per adult, and free for myself of course

The melaka old buildings are a mish-mash of untouched, abandoned old-school units as well as newly-refurbished & renovated units, some of which are converted into boutique hotels, cafes and budget inns. Some of the buildings are given a new touch with murals and paintings which mostly depicts Melaka's history and myths of old, such as Hang Tuah and the likes. I'm not too sure whether these paintings are a good addition or a mistake, but it does give an extra dimension to Melaka.

along the river, there are Melaka trees planted

i wonder whether the building owners even like the murals...

... especially when it turns out some angry-looking face are on it

just the natural walls are great photo spots

i'm so happy I can close my eyes now...

Feb 11, 2011


just thought of doing a makeover for this blog... it's been left for quite some time.

Feb 8, 2011

Melaka Wonderland

Chinese New Year (CNY) 2011 was a real angpau for me, as i have 4 days off from school.. Yeahoo!!.. Our first trip for 2011 is to the newly launched water theme park, Melaka Wonderland...

it was a last minute plan.. most of the accommodations in Melaka was fully booked due to the long holiday.. however, Umi managed to book a room through at Hallmark Inn Hotel, Jalan Munshi Abdullah through Agoda... I'll tell you more about the hotel later in my next entry...

we went there together with Nenek and Uncle and arrived at 10am... at that point, the main carpark was full, so Baba had to park the car at the roadside.. no wonder most hotels were full... i got in for FREE.. only those who are taller than 90cm need to pay for entrance fee... ain't it lucky to be ME? :)

in lala wonderland!!

most of the tables with umbrellas were occupied... so we had to take a port at the cafe, which looked similar to a school canteen.. huhu..
i spent most of my time at the children pool which was really cool!!.. i love slides, be it dry or wet... there's this one time, i couldn't straightened up my body so my face bumped on the big white slide... i didn't cry though.. and that incident didn't put any fear to me on riding the slides.. Baba didn't managed to take photos of me on the slides since he had to be ready to grab me at the end of the slide..


Usually when Umi and Baba brought me to any theme park, they didn't had the chance to play those heart-wrecking rides since i'm still not qualified to joined them... since Nenek and Uncle came along, they could babysit me while Umi and Baba 'melepaskan gian'.. heehee..

at 12noon, the theme was flooded with people and the weather started to heat up.. we decided to had our last dip in the water, changed and headed ourselves to Jasin... was that the whole trip? of course not.. stay tuned to my next entry... daaaa... 
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