Jul 30, 2008


Pak Alang and Auntie Nia held a ceremony for cousin Aryanna Nadyne's bercukur the other day. There was a marhaban group, catered food, lots of family members and all. And my oh my, cousin Nadyne's grown so fast to about 6kg, just 1kg less than petit lil' me - who's about 8 months older than her. She looked cute in her all lavender dress and white ribbon-headband. Little did she know, at the end of the day, all her hair would be gone and all will be left is one gondol'ed head!!

Nadyne and her happy parents

But that's not the main highlight for me... hehehe. One of the guests is a celebrity and I get to meet Malaysia's most eligible bachelor in person!! Weehooo...

this picture will definitely make all the girls envy me (although I look far from being happy!!)

apparently I'm not the only baby who cries in his arms!!

I managed to get some nap, and this is me all groggy and sleepy after I just woke up, sitting with Umi and cousin Sarah (soon to be the leader of our girl power trio, Nadyne+Sarah=Nadhrah)

Umi : Nape muka I nampak tembam masa nih... isk isk..
Baba : Hey, hands off my wife!!
Nadhrah : I'm star-struck!!

You can view more pictures of the ceremony (and the celebrity) here. (I'm linking to your picasa, bole kan Nadyne? We're all waiting for your own blog...)

Jul 25, 2008


My first birthday will be coming in less than a month!! Without realising it, I'm almost a one-year old baby... how time flies. Feels just like yesterday that Umi and Baba struggles to keep up with the job of new parents by cleaning up after my dark, unscented poo-poo. Fast forward 11 months later, and now they have no issues diaper-changing me, except that the poo-poo is a different yellow colour and totally smelly.

Umi and Baba is still pondering whether to hold a birthday party. Hmmmm... will I get a birthday party?? Anybody out there wanna become a party planner? Or better still, sponsor the event? Hehehehe..

In other birthday news, before the month of July ends, I would like to wish a very belated birthday to my uncle and aunties :

Tia & Che'Ah

Pak Alang

Ayah Ngah

Happy birthday to all of you, and don't forget to buy me a nice birthday present, really soon okay!!!

Jul 22, 2008

feed my turtles

Together with my newfound respect for animals, I have included something for you guys to play with on the sidebar... Feed My Turtles!!

You can click on the water or the sand to feed them with some yummylicious dark green turtle food. They'll swim to the water or move verrry slowly on the sand to feed on them.

You can also drag them around. You can make them spin by dragging them and making a spin gesture (don't worry, they won't get dizzy... they even love it!!) .You can also drag them and make them race towards the food...

Have fun!!

(Thanks to baby adam hakeem for pointing this out... you can also check out his fishes over at his blog)

Jul 14, 2008

afamosa, part 2

Day 2 at AFamosa started with a healthy breakfast... but it has to be said that the food at AFamosa is just plain awful. There's no buffet breakfast. You can only choose from the 3 choices of nasi lemak, western or porridge. And they're pre-prepared, and you'd have to eat them all cold. But then those are Umi and Baba's breakfast. I still get Umi's home made delicious hot food & yummylicious milk... hihihi

After breakfast, we wasted no time to go straight to the Animal World Safari. For me, this is probably the highlight of the whole trip.

elephants from near are quite a scary experience

The first stop in the Animal World is the Elephant show. I have to say that they're really interesting, although rather scary when they come near, with their long huge trunk. I got to see the elephant show all sort of skillz - such as riding a bicycle, drawing & painting, playing basketball (which, I must say, that they're really good at), placing penalty kicks with a big football, dancing and whole lot more stuff, some involving the audiences. I sure would like to volunteer if I was big enough!!

these jumbos really have skillz

and they do have really big butts, too

Then we just walked through the park, where I get to see a LOT of animals that I have never seen before, although it's quite a pity that they're in their enclosures. Bring me to a real safari anytime, where I can see them in the wild, will you Baba?

beautiful white geese and cute little wabbits!!

this is the only picture with all 3 of us.. and I'm busy looking at the animals

first encounter with tapirs and camels

and a REALLY close encounter with a tiger... wait, or is it Tigger?

Then there's another 2 shows after that, a multi-animal show and a bird show. Interesting as they were, they don't come close to the great elephant show. I was also so sleepy by then, and I had a nap inside the baby carrier that Baba borrowed from Pak Alang.

zzzzzzz... birds hovering above me... zzzzz

There's also a short boat ride to the monkey island, although there's not so much to see there. The monkeys are a wild bunch, and they'd scream for any food that you're holding. Short of stealing them like the one in Night in a Museum, they look like a hungry bunch of monkeys.

row row row your boat, gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream

The day then continued with a trip to the Water Park. I was too sleepy by then as well, and had a short nap on Umi's shoulder while Baba took the chance to go to the scary high-speed slide. We didn't manage to snap any pictures because of all the wetness, but I sure did have fun in the kiddies pool.

That night, we were off to the Western Town which holds a daily night parade. We almost didn't make it, because Umi and Baba was torn between taking me out and letting me sleep (remember that my bedtime is really early..). But since I decided not to sleep by Maghrib, then we went there anyway. However, by the time we went in there, I was already asleep. Huhuhu. But the night parade was loud enough to wake me up for a little while, before I dozed off again and missed all the fireworks.

our "old" camera produces very bad pictures at night

twinkle twinkle fireworks
how i wonder how you work
up above the world so high
ligthing up the darkened sky

Overall, it was a very good little holiday for Umi and Baba, and kinda the first one they had where they had to bring me around. It was no easy task, especially in the car. We all had fun nonetheless, and I can't wait for the next holiday (to a real safari, hopefully!!)

More pictures can be viewed here...

Jul 9, 2008

afamosa, part 1

We had a little family trip to AFamosa Resort last month (well, I know I'm a little bit late in updates, so bear with me here). It was partly becos of Umi and Baba's anniversary, and partly becos we had some dough to spend. Hihihi.

It was a 2-and-a-half-hour trip to get to AFamosa, and for Umi it was probably the worse 2-and-a-half-hour of being in the car becos I just can't sit in my car seat anymore. I wanna be free!!! So I'm constantly making Umi have her hands full trying to control me in the back seat.

better times with Umi in the car... this picture doesn't tell the whole story

Once we reached AFamosa, we had to wait a little bit for the 4PM check in time. So we hanged out by the pool. I had some feeding, and some introduction to the wonderful swimming pool.

poolside feeding with Umi

Baba had to drag me away from the water.. after I made my clothes all wet splish splashing by the poolside

Once we got the keys and went to our pleasantly huge room, Umi and Baba freshened up and I went straight for the bed(s)! There were 2 queen beds in the room, so Baba joined them up together to make a double-queen-bumper-huge-large-bed!! To Umi and Baba's surprise, I was crawling and standing and bulldozing all over the bed merrily, making myself fall back several times. I don't know why, I just love the big-sized bed with cool soft sheets where I can roam free without worry of falling.

getting acquainted with the bed

eh, what's this yellow thing all around me?

Then, it's time to hit the swimming pool!! Weehooo!! Umi bought this yellow baby float just for this trip (and for the future, of course) to test my swimming skillz. After 10 months of bathing and splish-splashing inside the bathtub, the large swimming pool full of water is another whole different monster for me to conquer. And guess what?? I love it!!

hello swimming pool!!

push me!! push me!!

Sometimes Baba would also take me out of the float and bring me 'swimming' in the cold water. I spent like half an hour in the water, and by that time Umi was shivering. So we packed up and called it a day.

That was pretty much the first day, the day of our arrival. That nite we all went to bed early, becos we know we're gonna have a whole day full of ativities the next day!!

Jul 2, 2008

i'm a (ferrari) girl

(Nadhrah buas buas..)

Baba : Eh.. tanak panjat tu.. nah amik Ferrari ni main..

woohoo!! Ferrariiiiii...

vroom vrooooommmm

tak pakai baju pon bole main Ferrari yeay yeay

(Umi masuk...)

Umi : Hah??!! You bagi nadhrah main Ferrari?? Dia girl laaaa...!!

(Umi takes away Ferrari from Nadhrah)

Nadhrah : uwaaaaaa....!!
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