Oct 19, 2009

the evolution of the bed


the cot was fine...

but it got too crampy..

especially with my 'buas' tido style..

cos I move around a lot..

and I find myself out of space before long..

I guess it's time to change..

when I started to do this..

or this..


so Umi and Baba moved me down..

so that I can get a good night's sleep..

I'm happy to be surrounded by these colourful numbers..

I'm happier still that I can move more freely now..

and get to wake up oh-so-happy..


since we moved to our home I get my own room..

I'm still surrounded by the lovely numbers..

wishful thinking

but how I wish I can slide down my bed, and play house underneath it!!

Oct 14, 2009

raya 2009 - kampung days

We went back to kampung on the 2nd day of Raya, so there wasn't much of a Raya feeling was left. All the Raya night preparation, bersalam-salaman, going to semayang Raya and going to kubur atuk, we didn't experience this year. However, I still had a lot of fun in Sitiawan.

tak takut jatuh pon

the breeze by the sea is the best

this is actually by a prawn breeding site, which also happens to be a mosquito breeding site

playing kejar kejar with the camera

and again

Alamak, itu je ke gambor yang ada? Well, to tell you the truth, there is not that many picture. Baba is getting bored of taking pics with our digital camera, the pics always turn out biasa-biasa aje. He likes to play with other people's DSLR while not being able to afford his own currently. So sape2 yg ada spare tu, bole laa kasik loan pinjam ke?

Oct 6, 2009

buka puasa + housewarming

welcome to my humble place..

Back in Ramadhan, we held a small buka puasa + housewarming for family members of both Umi and Baba. We just recently moved in at the start of Ramadhan, so the buka puasa was held potluck style so that we don't have to do much other than prepare our place to buka puasa... weehoo!

probably too late to put this now (selamat berpuasa enam bole kot?)

waiting for the azan

1, 2, 3... makan!! (baca doa dulu)

plentiful of food

Baba doing an impression of 'lapar sangat'

After buka puasa & solat maghrib, we read yaasin and had a little tahlil to thank Allah for giving us plentiful of blessings, and putting a roof (plus another 20 floors!) over us. The adults also performed tarawih while us kids were busy (and noisy) playing in my small cute little room.

showing them the view from my room

cousin nadyne with the 'lukis-lukis' as I call it

and cousin aimar with the 'wan-to-tri' as I call it

Some of them had been to our new place before, helped us with the wall painting and the moving in previously. While for some of them, it was their first time visit. In the end we were happy to be the host and everybody enjoyed the occasion in the blessed month.

I'm so happy yeayyyy

More pics here...

Oct 1, 2009

raya pics - 1st day in PJ

it's raya yeayy!!

all the cucu's

the heroes (yes, grandPa can jump too!!)

the BIG family

chaos on the field


Umi's note : Notice Nadhrah closing her eyes so shut during the BIG family photo? That's because she's terrified of Dato K-style moustache, in this case worn by uncle Ayah Long. We seldom see him cos he's a busy doctor, and this time Nadhrah's so phobia of him that everytime she sees him, she would get into a hysterical terror and hug Umi so tight. So no other way to get through the photoshoot, than to ask Nadhrah to shut her eyes.

Umi's Note 2 : Yesterday night, we turned on the laptop and Nadhrah wants to "tengok gamba Nadhrah", which means turning on the slide show of her pics on the laptop that she enjoys so much. So we turned on the slide show of the raya pics while Umi and Baba was away attending to errands. Suddenly out of the blue Nadhrah hysterically cries in front of the computer, and came running to hug Umi. Ya Allah, budak ni! Tgk gamba si misai kat laptop pon tak bole??
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