Sep 26, 2008

viral infection

Umi and Baba guest writes:

This happened early this month, but we're just writing on it now. Nadhrah had a viral infection, she had a very high fever (sometimes up to 40*C) for four straight days. And after the fourth day, rashes started coming out, starting from the head, forehead, then the arms, her back and through to the legs.

Some picture of Nadhrah with the rashes:


Alhamdulillah, she recovered well. Umi and Baba was constantly worried, Umi had to take two-days leave. Sleeping at nights was a problem for all three for us, because Nadhrah would wake up crying every now and then. Oh, and she had to experience the bullet-style pill through her buttocks... up to three times!! One from the doc, and the other 2 from Umi (who was so afraid to put that thing into there), because the temperature shot up so high.

(Actually, the first few days, although Nadhrah's temperature was very high, she was as active as usual)



Sep 22, 2008

pretty handmade dress

This post is specially dedicated to mommyAdam, as a response to her post at her lovely blog.

yeayyy I have a new dress... and it's handmade

apart from being oh-so-pretty, it's also comfy and airy

I can play around actively in it, no problem

view from the back

and the soon-to-be-famous 'AidaFiqs - Handmade with Love' brand logo (sorry not so clear)

Thank you so much mommyAdam!! We look forward to more of your handmade items, maybe it will be for sale soon?

Sep 16, 2008

babyUmi + babyBaba = babynadhrah

We dug up our old albums to find pictures of babyUmi and babyBaba... and here they are!!

Early days


So who's cuter? babyUmi, babyBaba or babynadhrah???

Sep 12, 2008

my 1st birthday party

I had a very memorable 1st birthday party on 31st of August (Merdeka day!), although my actual birthday was 10 days before that. It was also one day before Ramadhan, so it was the time to bring out the food, and the birthday cake, before we Muslims start the fasting.

Umi and Baba's friends took the time to come, and I hope they had a good time, cos we certainly did. Especially because a few of my playfriends was there, and the place became like a small nursery with babies crawling and playing all over the place. So let's introduce the babies :

baby adam mikhael

baby seth haiqal

baby muhammad danish miqael

baby izz amin

elana jasmine (she's no longer a baby)

Special thanks to Mami for the very tempting to look at and very delicious birthday cake.

i just wanna grab these pretty marshmallow flowers!!

And Tia took the time to open up a wellness evaluation booth where people can get a free body scan analysis. I hope she got some prospective clients from there...

how old is your body compared to your age?? wanna find out??

After everything's finished, then of course came the time for me to open all my presents yeayy!!

yeay yeay dapat hadiah yeay yeay

chewah.. reading my 1st birthday card

Again, I would like to thank everyone who made it such a fun, memorable event, from the people at PJ and the whole family to Umi and Baba's friends and all the babies who, I'll be waiting for their birthday parties soon!

thanks to daddy hQ & daddy adam for the wonderful pics from their DSLRs

you can view the whole set of pictures here

Sep 2, 2008

thanx everyone!!

Nadhrah, Umi & Baba would like to thank everyone who attended my small little birthday bash the other day. Thanx for coming, thanx for playing with the birthday girl, thanx for eating all the food, and thank you all for the presents. And thanx for all the wishes, for those who didn't get a chance to drop by. (And sorry for the little discomforts here and there, like the not-so-neat baby nursing room... just didn't get the time to neat the room up)

We would write more about it soon. If you have more pictures, would you mind emailing them to Umi or Baba?

On another note, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke-51 and Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!!
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