Aug 29, 2009

2 years old!!

Baba : How old are you?
Nadhrah : 2 ers ol!!

my birthday cake that I didn't even get to see (cos I was already asleep by the time the adults bring this cake out)

The best part of my 2nd birthday : I get a bicycle!! Yeayyy!! All those "nadhrah nak basikal.." (with a very cute face) pleas to Umi and Baba really worked, woohooo!! I wonder if next year I can do a "nadhrah nak kereta.." and I can get a car. Hahah!!

There's no big birthday party this year, with my birthday being so close to Ramadhan. Plus Umi and Baba is so busy with moving in to our new place. What? We have a new place? And we didn't tell you? Well, wait for our next next next next post ok...

All together now...

Baba ku pulang dari kota
Baba ku beli kan basikal
Basikal kecil warna merah
Boleh ku bawa ke sekolah
Kring kring kring kring kring kring kring kring kring
Basikal kecil ku berbunyi
Marilah adik mari naik
Boleh ku bawa jumpa nenek

it's a little big for me, but it's still mine!!

kaki pun tak sampai nak kayuh nih.. next year kot baru bole kayuh

thank you Umi and Baba!!

Baba: Why not a tricycle? Well, it's too small and it's no fun! Nadhrah will quickly grow out of it, Plus, we have a tricycle in Papa's house belonging to cousin Faiez, and Nadhrah doesn't seem to be interested anymore..

Aug 26, 2009

ipoh trip - part 1

kalau org ckp "comel", saya buat mcm ni...

We went to Ipoh early this month. Baba had a friend's wedding, so we decided to extend the weekend and stay in Ipoh for 2 nights and jalan-jalan over there.

congrats to Uncle Meon & his wife

So what's in Ipoh? Well, apparently, not much. No offence to Ipoh-ans, but we didn't find that there was too much to do, albeit on a very short stay.

Nevertheless, it was a fun trip. The first day, after the wedding and freshening up at the hotel, we just wandered around and by chance, came to this park where there were people playing kites! Weehoo. Apparently we have a kite in the car (Baba borrowed it from a friend, planning to go to Kepong for some time, but never made it). So yeszaa... let's go kite-flying in Ipoh!!

it was quite a breezy day, so the kite went up pretty fast

cuba gaya comel lagi

borrowing this photography trick from other blogs i read

Umi's unsuccessful attempt..

.. and Baba's over-the-top poyo-ing pose

oh, and there were bubbles too!!

Baba, nak spiderman tu!!

and the nearby playground was a blast!!

let's slide yo... weeee!!

Aug 18, 2009

adorable muslimah


I just needed an excuse to show-off these super-cute pictures of me (hahaha perasan).. The title above is a blogshop run by one of Umi's friend.. You can visit them at feel free to browse and check them out. I'm not benefitting in any way, btw. (Unless she's suddenly so generous to give me commission for this referral.. hahah)

girls just wanna have fun


gaya ikut Baba baca doa

Just 2 days to go before my birthday and I turn 2!! I'm still hopeful that Baba will get me that basikal that I so really really want. Just to make it more obvious to him, I put a picture of one in the new header that I'm putting above. hihihi...

And a day after that, Ramadhan will start and we Muslims will start our fasting. As for me, it's still not compulsory so I'll still be having my meals, although I need to put on my best behaviour in this blessed month. Til my next post (yg tak sure lagi bile)....

Ramadhan Mubarak...!!

Aug 11, 2009

flashback : minah rempit

Me : Umi, nak naik moto bole?

Umi : Hmmm... tanye laa Baba tu dulu...

Me : Baba... bole tak?

Baba : Ada helmet tak?

Me : Tak muat

Baba : Kaki sampai tak?

Me : Tak sampai

Baba : Brek tangan sampai tak?

Me : Tak sampai

Baba : Kalu camtu takleh laa...

Me : Alaaaaa... uwaaaaaaa...!!!

Baba : Ok laa ok laa naik laa nak naik sgt..

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