Jun 26, 2008

what's in a brand?

Would you buy something because of its brand? Does a brand become a consideration when you buy something? What's in a brand?

Sometimes we were made to believe that wearing/using something branded will make us look 'cool', or make people envy us. TV and print advertisement tries to convince us that a particular fragrance, or make-up, or clothing, or accessories, or mobile phones, or whatever, are much better and more fashionable than the next.

Sometimes a brand is 'branded' (for the lack of a better word) on something, and suddenly they have the right to be sold at a much higher price than something similar that you can find somewhere else, albeit without any branding on it. (Heard of Dr. Backbone, being sold at RM67.80? You can find the unbranded equivalent for just RM10 at the pasar malam... daylight robbery, that's what I say)

Sometimes a brand just stand out from the rest, that it is instantly recognisable and becomes the name of the item that people call it by (think pampers, thermos and tupperware). Sometimes a brand makes some well-known artist or footballer or tennis player or any well known person to appear and endorse the brand, although it is questionable whether that particular well-known person really uses the brand or not.

In the baby's world alone, it is mind-blowing how many kind of brands that exists to cater for the little cute ones such as ourselves. It is also mind-blowing how many kind of products that exists for the betterment of parents all over the world, together with the categories of products that ranges from high-end, high-quality to low-end, low-quality.

But most of the time, it's just our feeling of comfort in knowing that together with the brand, we are getting what we want.

For me, I'm just babbling about these things so that I can put more pics of me here in the blog!!

Jun 20, 2008

approaching 10

Translation of the above video :

I'm turning 10 tomorrow.. how time flies really fast. Without me realising it, I'm going to celebrate my 10th month being in this world. I would definitely describe the time as the best 10 months of my life (seeing I have only been around for 10 months).

Most importantly, it has been the best 10 months of Umi and Baba's life. It is definitely one big up-down-left-right adventure for Umi and Baba. You all probably know this already, but having a baby changes everything. Responsibility, sacrifices, sleepless nights, chaotic schedules, lifestyle changes, temperaments and attitudes, concerns and worries - they all come in one magical moment of Umi painfully pushing me out from her wombs and Baba declaring the azan and iqamah on my ears.

And now - after 10 months - I'm crawling, eating, sitting down on my own, climbing stairs, growing small little tiny teeth...

I'm growing up..

Jun 16, 2008

happy Baba's day

To all the Babas out there, and specifically to my very own wonderful Baba, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

From the very first months, I've developed Baba's favourite trait : SLEEP

and more recently, developed another one of his traits : PLAYFUL

Jun 11, 2008


Ask any young girl what they want to be when they grow up, and most of the answers you'll get would be "I want to be a PRINCESS!!" (although that's not really something you can choose to be... unless you get lucky and marry a prince!!)

with my all green crown and mace, I will rule for love and peace

the environment and mother nature would take center stage

new parents would get a big allowance for every new baby

I would go to the ground to see the poor and needy and help their plight

there is no room for me to be tired or exhausted

cos rulers & leaders should work for a better future for all

Well, although I'm not an actual princess, I'm still Umi and Baba's lovable little princess!!

Jun 6, 2008


Remember the happy moments contest entry I wrote sometime ago? Well, guess what?? We won 3rd place!!! Weehoooo!! This really makes me happyyyyyy...

3rd place!! yeay yeayyy...

Last time I checked, the post weren't even in the top 10. We had forgotten about it and didn't expect anything from any of the entries. But one fine day, Umi was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the Happy people, telling us that there would be an event for all the top 10 entries to announce the winners. Our video entry was also in the top 10 for the video category and Baba also got an invite from the Happy people.

So we went to Isthmus @ Northpoint, Mid Valley where the event was held. It was on a Tuesday night, and Baba even took a half-day leave just to get back early. I don't get out at night too often, cos my bedtime is around 7.30-ish, and Umi doesn't really like to push my bedtime, fearing that I would have a difficult time to sleep when it's past my bedtime. However, Umi made an exception this time around, cos the Happy people said there would be fun and games and freebies even if we didn't win it.

When we arrived, the event was just about getting started. We had just settled down, grabbed some fast-depleting food from the buffet counter, ordered some drinks (only Coke & 7-up was served), and the MC was just babbling about the contest. Then the first few top 10 videos was shown, and then they announced the first winner, which was 3rd prize for the blog post category. And surprisingly it went to... babynadhrah's blog!!

my first ever prize giving ceremony
(pictures courtesy of beetrice)

all the winners
(pictures courtesy of beetrice)

For a more comprehensive report on the event on that night, you can read beetrice's blog.

The video post didn't win, rightly so becos it was competing against some really nice and more deserving videos, although it did get a viewing slot and everyone got to watch me doing the jumping jacks. But we did win something from the trivia game questions during the event, Umi won a photo frame and Baba won - get this - a brand new nail clipper! Then there were the pretty nice freebies - t-shirts, shoulder bags, car stickers, small cute stickers, and a very large cushion for both Umi and Baba (but I'm the one who's enjoying them)

enjoying all the goodies

and the winner is... me!!

Last but not least, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you, and you, and you, everyone who had voted for the entry. Without the votes, I wouldn't have a chance. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!


Update : Found some more pictures and the night's proceedings review at nigelsia's blog (with a bigger picture of yours truly!!)

Jun 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my lovable Baba and Umi... Hope there are many years to come for us to be happily together..

Baba and Umi on a red super bike (ntah sape punye ntah.. huhu)
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