Apr 28, 2010

cousin Sarah

Nadhrah's cousin Sarah just went through a successful surgery related to her cleft lip. Let's all pray for her speedy recovery from her 4th surgery in her very young life.

You can read more about Sarah here.

On a totally unrelated story, one day we heard Nadhrah singing :

besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya.. kala hatiku... (ulang ulang banyak kali)

We were thinking, what song is that she's singing? "Besar besar"? What is this "besar besar" song? But somehow it sounded so familiar. After much thinking, then Baba finally figured it out. Nadhrah was singing Extravaganza by Bunkface!! (Link)

Actual lyrics :
Rasa resah jangan kau percaya
Dalam hatimu (dalam hatimu)
Rasa resah jangan kau percaya
Kata hatimu (kata hatimu)

besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya..
kala hatiku...
besa besa..cha cha cha.. caya..
kala hatiku...

Sejak bile jadik bunkfan nih?

Apr 21, 2010

two-weeks taska experience

[Memoirs from Umi and Baba]

This is a long overdue story, when Nenek went to Umrah for 2 weeks in early January. All this while, we have been sending Nadhrah to Nenek's place on work days, and have never thought of sending her elsewhere.

sending Nenek at the airport...

..where I got to see the air plane!! (of course, this is only the kids' playland airplane)

When Nenek's impending flight to Umrah came, we set out to look for a nursery where we can send Nadhrah while we go to work. It needed to be close by to our place, and we encountered upon Taska Oren, which was located inside the compounds of the Matrade building, pretty close by to us. The facilities looks fine, the cost was also very reasonable, and their terms was nothing out of the ordinary.

So we paid the registration fees, with plans to send Nadhrah for a month as a testing period. If everything goes well, then we will continue to send Nadhrah to the Taska, where she can have friends her age and learn plenty of new things.

We started the build-up to her nursery days by continuously telling Nadhrah that she will be going to school, have friends, play around, learn new things and all, and she seemed excited to go. Everytime we send Nadhrah to Nenek's place, we would pass by a few nurseries and schools, and Nadhrah would always say "Nadhrah nak pegi sekolah tuuuu..."

So the first day of nursery came for our little girl. Umi was so concerned and couldn't stand the emotional roller-coaster that she asked Baba to send Nadhrah to the nursery. The first day Baba sent her, it seemed uneventful. Baba passed Nadhrah to the teacher, said some encouraging words and kissed Nadhrah goodbye. When Umi fetched her back at the end of the day, her face was so sebak, but the teacher said she was okay and enjoyed her first day.

Then the next day came. Immediately after she woke up, she said that she didn't want to go to school. She cried and cried and repeatedly said "Nadhrah tanak pegi sekolah...". When Baba's car came to the nursery's compunds, she cried and didn't want to be let go. It was these kind of heart-wrenching stuff that Umi wouldn't have been able to handle.

Over the course of the first week, she continuously said "Nadhrah tanak pegi sekolah..." whether it's in the morning or at night. We tried asking her some of the stuff that she learnt and experienced in Taska, but she would become all emotional and teary-eyed whenever the words "school", "taska" or "sekolah" came up.

In the second week, Nadhrah got some fever and flu. We thought she was recovering during the weekend, so we sent her to the nursery on the Monday as usual. But on Tuesday her fever got worse and Umi had to take an emergency leave for 2 days to take care of Nadhrah. We sent her to the nursery on Thursday, and on Friday Baba sent her to TokMama's place in PJ instead just to entertain her and let her play with cousin Aimar.

The next week Nenek was back from Umrah and Nadhrah was happy to see Nenek and get some presents from her. Nenek also asked Nadhrah how was her experience in school but she would get emotional again and we didn't really get to know what was her actual experience during school.

wearing my presents from Mekah

We knew the eating part would be a bit difficult cos Nadhrah does not eat certain foods that they were preparing such as bread (she feels like throwing up everytime we toast bread at home cos she couldn't stand the smell of toast!!). But as far as other things she did, like playing with other kids her age and learning new stuff, we didn't really know how she coped and what she did cos she didn't wanna tell us anything.

In the end Nadhrah's nursery experience was only on those two weeks plus one day on the third week. We sent her to the nursery to give Nenek some time to rest, but Nenek would ask us to send her back to her place again after that. We don't have anything bad to say about the nursery, we think they did a good job, but unfortunately Nadhrah's own feeling and emotions towards her experience being left with strangers wasn't so great, and it wasn't a good experience for us as well dealing with her emotional days.


One fine day, way after her nursery experience, we learnt that she did learn something... Suddenly, out of nowhere :

Nadhrah : Allahumma barik ana... fima rozaq ana... waqina azabannar... amin
(Baba looked at Umi, and Umi looked at Baba, startled)
Baba : Uiks!! Mana Nadhrah belaja tu?
Nadhrah : Kat sekolah..
Umi : Sape ajar Nadhrah?
Nadhrah : Cikqu Tiqah (her teacher's name) ajar..

Alhamdulillah, bile besar jadi budak baik yek...

Apr 17, 2010

baba's early birthday gift

Baba's birthday is not til next week, but Umi have pulled off an early surprise and gifted him an early birthday gift. And it was the best... gift... ever...!!! Guess what?

see if you can detect what it is from here...

.. or maybe from here...

if you still cannot determine what it is from here, tak tau la nak kata..

i'll give you a hint.. Baba's the one holding it, not me...

yesszaaa.. it's a brand new Canon EOS 500D DSLR!! Now Baba can take nice pictures of me everyday. But it does come with a small note from Umi to Baba though...

1. This will be the only birthday gift for the next 5 years...
2. Baba needs to be good with it within 6 months... kalau tak Umi jual kat eBay
3. Last but not least, Baba needs to love Umi more then the DSLR (of course laa kan...)

Alamak... cepat Baba learn how to use that thing fast... if not nanti kene jual... Well, Baba is still a newbie, so he would need all the help from expert photographers out there. Please give him your DSLR tips on how to take good pictures. Other than having a good eye to spot the best angle for the best picture, what else?

The next good thing about this DSLR? It's the part where I get ownership of the old point-and-shoot camera!!

yeayyy.. now i can take pictures of myself

or i can go in superhero mode to save the world with it

What's your top 3 DLSR tips??

p/s : We're off to Charating for the weekend for Umi and Baba's KMYS2000 family day!! Woohoo!!

Apr 13, 2010

cousin zariya's aqiqah

some posing in my airy baju kurung before I say anything

We went to cousin Zariya's aqiqah at their house in SgBuloh the other day. There were some ppl from the nearby surau and the rest of us family members. It was interesting with all the tahlil and selawat while other people cut some hair off her. And then there's the lamb curry which scent stuck to Baba's hand for some time.

Aimar and his sister

Umi and Baba doing the honours

some more posing

look at Umi and Baba's faces as they are talking to each other... enjoying the conversation, aren't they?

nyum nyum nyum...

Then, we had a surprise for TokMama, who was gonna be celebrating her 61st birthday the day after. Happy 61st, TokMama!!

the surprise really took her by surprise

We love you, TokMama!

posing lagi...

The night after, we had some birthday dinner at Marche's. I think this is like the fourth time we've been there. The family likes to go there a lot, I think maybe due to the fact that there's options for everyone, we don't have to order any specific food, we can get whatever we want and see them prepare the food before us. However, somehow Marche's food options has become less. Now they seem to rotate the menu, instead of having everything cooked everyday. There were only 2 types of pasta that day, and both of them doesn't go to my liking. But I was too tired that day, I slept through much of the dinner.

Luckily Aimar brought his stroller for me to sleep in

sharing is caring

the Birthday girl (who was paying.. thankQ tokMama!!) and the rest of us

More hair-cutting and munching galore pics here.

Apr 5, 2010

balloon fiesta

Belated post. I'm sure this was the highlight of most ppl 2 weeks ago, especially the bloggers in Klang Valley that we follow.

Some highlights :

We went there on Sunday, the final day of the event, together with my aunt Che'ah. We reached there around 8am, when a lot of the balloons were already in the skies, and most of them are landing. We did get to see some good ones though, like the darth vader in the skies, side-cut oranges and levi's jeans, although that one didn't take off from the ground.

We had picnic and breakfast of nasi lemak that Baba bought on the way. When we sat there, there were like nobody sitting on the ground. Only after we spread our tikar and started having breakfast on the ground, other people started to pick their spot somewhere near ours. Trendsetter gitu... hahaha

I had to cry to get Baba to buy the bubble-making-thing. Only the one with batteries were sold, no manual ones where you have to blow them, so Baba had to buy one for me.

Umi said I was cranky that morning, not really enjoying the paramotors, hot air balloons, big balls with people in them and all. Well, I was woken up at 7am, what do you expect? Hihihi... I straight away slept in the car when we left the place around 11am.

I still had a pretty interesting time though...
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