Feb 24, 2008

making me happy

Happy - Happy Moments

What makes a baby happy? Well, a lot of things.

  • I'm happy when I wake up in the morning, because I get to see Umi and Baba's face greeting me with their smiles (I guess seeing me wake up from my angelic sleep makes them happy too).

  • I'm happy when I'm in the arms of my Umi, while she caresses me and feeds me with oh-so-healthy-and-delicious natural juice.

  • I'm happy when I get to play with my Baba, although I see him less everyday cos I'm asleep by the time he gets home from work, but we make some quality time in the weekends.

  • I'm happy to celebrate festivals and celebrations like raya when I get a lot of money just by being cute and happy

  • I'm happy that Umi and Baba can take me to go for trips together and see the wonders of this world and the many happy people decorating it.

I guess there's just something out there that makes me happy...

...when I'm still just a little small baby...

...when I'm sleeping...

...when I just don't know what to do...

...when I'm chomping on my delicious hands...

...when I'm about to sneeze...

...there's just something out there that makes me happy!!

Hmmm, does this remind you of a certain telco advertisement, where there's a yellow fellow following you wherever you are?

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Umi and Baba took me to KLCC!! Actually this is a belated post, we went there on Chinese New Year, thinking: "Hmm, it's a long holiday, so people would go back to their hometowns and KLCC wouldn't be as packed as it normally is."

CNY deco @ KLCC

Well, arriving there at around 11am, we thought we were right. Not too many people. So Baba tried to get tickets to the KLCC sky bridge. But the tickets available are only for entrance 6pm onwards, so we didn't bother.

So we proceeded to Aquaria!! I was so excited that I would be able to see all the marine life swimming merrily in the water. So excited, in fact, that I fell asleep halfway through. I even slept through the tunnel where all the shark were! Well, it was dimly lit and air-cond cool and all, so it was just so tempting to doze off...

can't wait to go in!

chomping on my purple parrot

move away, dude

For me, the highlight is when we finally got to the gift shop. Yeayyy!!
So... many.. toys!!

me and nemo

nemo nemo nemo nemo nemo

I feel like there's something on my head

All in all, aquaria is quite an interesting place for me. But Umi and Baba was left with a little disappointment. Umi had been waiting so long to come here, and have on numerous occasions asked Baba to go. But in the end it was like, "Hah, dah abis dah??". It felt over too quickly, and they can't help but compare with other aquarium-places they've been to.

There was also some bad news for me. My purple parrot (the one I was chomping on earlier) got lost in there. I feel guilty, feeling like I may have been the one who had been responsible in throwing/kicking him out of the stroller. I have a knack of doing that when I'm bored. Baba and Umi both took turns to go back into the gift shop to look for a misplaced purple parrot, but to no avail. I also waited if there would be any announcement on the intercom for a lost purple parrot, but alas, there was none.

After coming out of Aquaria, we realised we had thought wrong. KLCC is full packed with people, local or otherwise. To escape the crowd, we went to a place where we knew there would not be too many people - The Petronas Gallery. Well, Malaysians in general aren't too artsy, and so it proved when there are very few people in the gallery absorbing the art. Even so, art is a very subjective matter, although I do find some exhibits a bit weird for my taste. Since we couldn't snap any pics in the gallery, we just waltzed through without any specific purpose or interest.

watching the throngs of people at KLCC from above

By the way, more pictures can be found here. (I didn't post too many pics from inside Aquaria itself becos the combination of the lighting and the quality of the camera made the pictures turned out looking not so good.)

Feb 21, 2008

1/2 birthday

It's my half birthday today! I'm 6-months old! Yeayyyy!!

Milestones :

I can sit!!

I can stand!! (with a little, ahem, help)

I can reach my toes!! I also pull them close to my face sometimes

I'm eating!! Twice daily!!

And also,
  • I'm sleeping less nowadays. 7pm - 7am, with a 1 hour awake time in between. (This is causing Umi and Baba to sleep less also). During the day, I only sleep for half an hour twice, because I find playing with Umi is much more fun than sleeping. Weeeeeeeeeeeee...........

(oopss.. it's breastfeeding time.. will update this list later..)


  • When I get bored of sucking my thumbs and fingers, I suck my toes.

  • I can move in circles and sometimes backwards when I'm on my stomach (meniarap). Umi tried so hard to make me move forward. I'm not really in to that yet. Once I start to move on my own, I don't think Umi would carry me that often. I love when Umi carries me everywhere.

  • Sometimes I like to scream in high-pitch just for the sake of fun. Hehehehe...

  • I can hum... I don't know what song it is, but it just goes like hmmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, huuuuhhhhhh...

  • I'm doing the mulut kemam more often now. Hey, I'm not dropping the cute habit after all!

  • Latest skill developed: Jumping Jacks! (stay tuned)

Feb 19, 2008

habits 102 : jelir jelir

Warning : Please take extra precaution. This short video is very addictive. But it's perfectly fine for your health. You won't be, like, an addict or anything.

Feb 17, 2008

february babies

Happy (belated) birthday to these February babies... although you guys are not babies like me anymore.

Tok-Pa turned 60 on the 6th of February

Auntie Alma celebrated her 27th bday in Japan on the 11th of February

cousin Ikie's (right) 11th birthday was on the 15th of February

For Tok-Pa's special 60, we had a cake delivered from Japan... eh.. not really delivered, but Auntie Alma made the order from Japan. We bought him something that Baba would like to use for himself, an Ogawa massage chair. So Tok-Pa can be massaged after playing golf every week.

ooo... cake from Japan...

everyone pose with their baju tido...

well, the big chair will only arrive in a week. so in the meantime enjoy this X-chair for gamers that we got for free...

Feb 15, 2008

bowlin bowlin bowlin

After the Putrajaya outing, we went to Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club for a family bowling 'tournament'. Before I was born, Baba and Umi usually only have a family bowling session, but this time Tok-Pa came up with some surprise presents (which turned out to be... jeng jeng jeng... read until the end).

Baba used to be in the school bowling MSN (Majlis Sukan Negara) project. He was groomed supposedly to be the nation's answer to the next male bowling champion. But unfortunately he choose the safe, boring path and went on to work in IT instead. Well, like he said, at least his arms are not disproportionately sized anymore (compare any professional bowler's right and left arms and you'll see one significantly bigger than the other - believe it!).

Anyway, it was 'hujan kucing dan anjing' on that day, and I took a nap in the bowling alley to the sound of bowling balls crashing into the pins. In the end, Baba only managed to get 3rd place for the Male (adult category) behind his uncle and my uncle respectively. However, Umi and Baba's lane team - together with Ayah Ngah and Che'Ah - managed to scoop up the Best Team category (courtesy of Baba playing for Umi for almost half of the 'tournament' bcos Umi had to dodoi me to sleep).

I can put 3 fingers in one hole!

auntie #1 - Tía (Spanish for aunt)

auntie #3 - Che'Ah

auntie #4 - ChuNa

uncle #1 - Ayah Ngah

uncle #2 - Pak Alang (with Auntie Nia plus baby-in-the-tummy)

yeay!! Umi and Baba won!!

one for the family

and a totally unrelated special picture from Japan, just so that they don't feel left out:

auntie #2 - Auntie Alma, with Uncle Zul & cousin Aimar (and also the cast of The Wizard of Oz)

By the way, the presents turned out to be drinking mugs with a special thank you note on it from a certain wakil rakyat (obviously unused since the last general election)... cheeky

Feb 12, 2008

putrajaya outing

Umi had planned an outing to snap some family pics with the backgrounds of Putrajaya. This isn't my first time here, of course. (Umi and Baba do have a habit of going back to places we've been to before, don't they?)

Anyway, we went off in the morning just the three of us. An extra photographer? Naah, don't think that's necessary. It was more fun to just use our creativity to put the camera on certain places and set the camera timer. And the occasional asking-people-for-help-to-take-your-family-photo-because-you-couldn't-afford-an-extra-photographer. Oh, not to forget the pictures where there's only two of us in there :)

first I look down..

..then I look to the right..

..anywhere but the camera..

..chomping on Umi's hand is always a good excuse

hey look, tourists!! in Putrajaya of all places!!

Baba, are you sure we won't get run over by a car standing in the middle of the road??

finally!! look at me, mr camera!!

our favourite pic... camera-on-the-grass effect

More pics here ... plus a baby angkasawan special...

to infinity... and beyoooooond!!

Feb 7, 2008

appointment with the doc

Did I mention that I went to the doctor for my 5th month jab? Two weeks ago, Umi and Baba brought me to see my paediatrician. First I was put on the weight scale to see how my weight is progressing.

Birth : 2.5 kg
1st month : 3.0 kg
2nd month : 4.2 kg
3rd month : 4.8 kg
5th month : 5.6 kg

Well, I'm still my itsy-bitsy tiny petit little self. But the doc said the progress is fine. Just need to start on the solid food part thing, which I'm enjoying right now. She also asked Umi what I can do now at 5 months young. Well, I would love to show her how I can roll and how I can make my mouth go kemam. But Umi just answered that I can do all those stuff (well, she didn't actually tell the doc about the mouth thingy... maybe she wanted to though).

And then it was time...

relax.. doctor just wanna check you..

..then unsuspectingly, doctor stick this needle in your thigh

huh? uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

...aaaaaaa!!! how could you??

then doctor put some oral medicine in your mouth while it's wide open

alalala cayang... cian dia

Umi, save me from the evil doctor

Umi : the doctor is not evil.. she just wants you to be healthy, darling

Baba (from the background) : be strong, my young Padwan.. I sense the force is becoming stronger in you.. may the force be with you..

So there. My next appointment would be after my 1st birthday (weehoo!! no more jabs for the next 6 months!!). The doc also asked Umi to start putting eggs into my diet when I'm around 10-11 months, to see whether I'm allergic to it. That's because the next jab at 1-year-old has got something to do with that. If I'm not allergic to eggs, then fine, but if I am, then that's a different story. For now, I'll just wait until that time comes.
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