Apr 27, 2009

national science centre

surrounded by scary large animals

I haven't uploaded the pics from KK yet, so let's have a belated update (which is nothing new for this blog here). Yeayyy, we went to Pusat Sains Negara!! We pass by the place almost every week on the way to TokMa's house in PJ, so it's a convenient stop-by.

The place could have been maintained better, but I still think it was one of the better places to bring a young kid like me, and we had so much fun. There were a lot of interactive displays, a lot of buttons to press, a lot of fun things to look at, and a lot of ground to cover in such a huge place. Oh yeah, and they're really educational too.

And at only RM6 per adult entry, it doesn't cost a bomb at all. Actually, it could have been RM4 with the J-card that we have, but Baba noticed the J-card notice quite too late, and the cashier lady was all "sori la encik, saya dah print dah tiket ni, so kene laa bayar harga penuh". Jeezzz..

look, Nadhrah!! big fishes!!

We were greeted by a large tunnel aquarium with a LOT of really huge fishes that would put the very expensive aquaria to shame. They even did a fish feeding session with a scuba diver while we were there, but because there's so much ground to cover, Umi decided just to skip it.

Unfortunately Umi and Baba forgot to charge the camera before deciding to come here, so we only managed to take a few pics before the battery went kaput. We also didn't stay around for long and skipped some of the displays cos Umi and Baba was getting hungry, and so was I. So here's just some of the pics we managed to snap there.

in my element at the table of elements

getting a tan at the core of the sun

oh no! I've got short legs and a really long face! nahh, it's just the distortion in the mirror..

the mascots are named PenyuCurie, AntStein and Gajalileo... and people say we Malaysians lack imagination

We'd definitely go there again some other time, perhaps when I can actually LEARN something rather than just run around and having Umi and Baba chase me all over the place.

Apr 17, 2009

off to KK

We're going off to KK for 4 days starting tomorrow morning... anyone in KK, give us a shout!!

and to my dearest Baba, an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to you!!

Apr 7, 2009

paddington bear/bag

why I'm being named after the place in london, beats me

This is the Paddington bear slash bag that I got from Umi and Baba! Thanks so much Umi and Baba! Now not only I have another plushie in my growing collection of teddies, I also have a bag that I can carry around to bring my things along. Woohoo!!

saaaayang paddington!!

The price tag? Well, some shampoos, health supplements, medicine and some more stuff from Guardian pharmacy, that's what. Heheh. I'm sure most of you are aware of the Paddington bear campaign by Guardian some time back. Basically you get one sticker with every RM25 worth of purchase, and you collect them to redeem the Paddington bear stuff. You get this bear/bag with the most number of stickers at 50, making the actual value to be RM25 x 50 = RM1,250!!

he's almost the same size as me, and we both fit into a toyogo

I'm sure you're thinking right now, "Spending RM1,250 for a bear??!!". Well, we really didn't spend that much. Thanks to many of Umi and Baba's friends who are kind enough to give them the stickers, although some of them regularly shop there and have more than 10 of them at a time.

stay still while i'm drawing you here

Actually on the last day we can redeem those bears, we were still short of a few stickers to reach 50, so Baba had to buy some health supplements to get them. Way to go, Baba!! I'm sure you're much healthier now! Hehehe... (although no thanks to Ayah Ngah, who said he had 7 stickers, but then threw them away and couldn't find where they were!)

this is how we wear each other

Umi said we could bring the bear/bag together with me when I'm gonna be travelling on the aeroplane for the first time in a few weeks' time. We're going to KK, yeay!! I can bring along my stuff together with me and put them nicely in encik paddington here.

Oh, we're gonna have so much fun!!

Apr 3, 2009

cruise tasik putrajaya

let's go crusing, babeh!

We went for a cruise tasik @ Putrajaya. Actually the first time we went (pic above), it was around 3PM that time and the next boat was around 5PM. So we decided to come back another day.

The following week, we went to Putrajaya again. Went straight to cruise tasik, to buy tickets for the 2PM boat. It was around noon at that time, so Umi and Baba decided to have lunch at the eateries @ Souq. When it was Zuhur time, Umi and Baba had to take turns to go to Masjid Putrajaya for prayers, while I kept myself busy eating.

Between all the time Umi and Baba going to prayer and having lunch in turns, it was already near 2PM! We wrapped up pretty quickly to go to the jetty....

.. and watch the cruise boat sail right in front of our eyes ..

yes, we missed the boat!!

They couldn't get the boat to turn around (obviously!). There were talk of sending us off to chase the cruise by using a smaller boat, but it didn't happen. But in the end, we had to wait for the next one at 3.30PM. We had some time to kill, so we headed to Alamanda. And boy, were Umi and Baba shopping really quickly. They were looking at their watches (actually they don't wear watches.. they use handphones to tell the time) all the time. We certainly weren't going to miss the boat the second time.

So we arrived around half an hour early. There were some activities going on at the jetty to keep ourself occupied watching them. Apparently you can book the place, book the boat, do some makan-makan over there for any functions. Coolness.

The cruise lasted for around 45 minutes, and we watched mainly government buildings (what else is interesting in Putrajaya, huh?) and some bridges and palaces, with commentary! Heheh. There were also some group from the Middle East together with us in the boat, so there was an extra translation in another language even Umi and Baba can't quite make out on the way back.

All in all it was quite a good way to spend some family time, albeit the price was a tad expensive than normal. Even the economic crisis can't stop these tourism guys to lower their prices, huh?

Pictures are from Baba's nokia handphone (can you believe that he forgot to bring the camera along?? sheeshhh..), so you have to bear with the picture quality, or rather lack of it.

living on the edge

lemme have the complimentary mineral water!!

gaya mengorek hidung dengan straw

something smells funny here

gigi show off

gaya mcm org besa.. chewah..

Some more pictures over here

Apr 1, 2009


We should be doing this Earth Hour every month!! It's so fun!!

Uuu.. gelapnyer. What's this shiny little thing here?

Bile kecik dia kawan, bile besa jadi lawan... apa dia??

ntv7 has this great show 'Big Ideas for A Small Planet' about how people (mainly in the US) do some pretty amazing things which can help the environment, and generate some business along the way. It's being shown on 7.30pm every.. err.. which day, I don't quite remember. I think it's on Thursdays.

Let's do more for the environment, babeh!!
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