May 14, 2008

spongebob squarepants

babynadhrah : hello spongebob
spongebob : helloooo there... hahahhahah!!
babynadhrah : you're just a square sponge living in an ocean, and yet kids love u so much
spongebob : I knooowwww!! hahahahahah!!
babynadhrah : I know some adults who love you too... actually Umi loves to watch your show too!
spongebob : of cooourse... hahahahaha!!
babynadhrah : she even chose to buy spongebob over elmo because elmo's all furry and you are... well... spongy
spongebob : that's great... hahahhahah!!
babynadhrah : enough talking... let's plaaaayyyy!!
spongebob : yeayyy... hahahahaha!!

yeay yeayyyy

hihihi.. i love to play

Note: spongebob squarepants needs to be washed after that because he's full of saliva. But I'm sure he likes water all over him, so I think that should be fine with him...

By the way, which one would it be for you??


Anonymous said...

hey, sarah pun ada baju ladybird polkadot ni! hehehe...sgt famous baju dari baby giftset yg ni. Cute, comfortable & definitely long lasting,kan?!

nadhrah kisskiss kan spongebob for aunty, k? :)

Liza Yaakup said...

I'm guilty for loving spongebob too... *blush*

babynadhrah said...

my cousin have the same polkadot pajamas too.. i guess it's an all-time favourite babygift in malaysia.. thanks to one of Umi's best buddies!! i love the booties that come with the set.. they have tentacles and eyes.. hehe...

Anonymous said...

definitely elmo laa eeda... spongebob nie twisted sgt.. ekeke

Aree Tone WoW said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Diver Mom said...

alahai comelnye nadrah main ngan spongebob tu.. dia da leh rangkak eh..

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