Jun 26, 2008

what's in a brand?

Would you buy something because of its brand? Does a brand become a consideration when you buy something? What's in a brand?

Sometimes we were made to believe that wearing/using something branded will make us look 'cool', or make people envy us. TV and print advertisement tries to convince us that a particular fragrance, or make-up, or clothing, or accessories, or mobile phones, or whatever, are much better and more fashionable than the next.

Sometimes a brand is 'branded' (for the lack of a better word) on something, and suddenly they have the right to be sold at a much higher price than something similar that you can find somewhere else, albeit without any branding on it. (Heard of Dr. Backbone, being sold at RM67.80? You can find the unbranded equivalent for just RM10 at the pasar malam... daylight robbery, that's what I say)

Sometimes a brand just stand out from the rest, that it is instantly recognisable and becomes the name of the item that people call it by (think pampers, thermos and tupperware). Sometimes a brand makes some well-known artist or footballer or tennis player or any well known person to appear and endorse the brand, although it is questionable whether that particular well-known person really uses the brand or not.

In the baby's world alone, it is mind-blowing how many kind of brands that exists to cater for the little cute ones such as ourselves. It is also mind-blowing how many kind of products that exists for the betterment of parents all over the world, together with the categories of products that ranges from high-end, high-quality to low-end, low-quality.

But most of the time, it's just our feeling of comfort in knowing that together with the brand, we are getting what we want.

For me, I'm just babbling about these things so that I can put more pics of me here in the blog!!


Anonymous said...

for us, kalo barang keperluan & mementingkan keselesaan... branded is OK for quality. kalo nak bergaya2 je... (for us yg xbyk $$$ ni) yg cikai cukupla hehe.

Mamipoko... xpenah try. huhu. we're soo into Pampers & Huggies!

Unknown said...

For me frankly speaking, especially the ads for baby clothes and others i don't really mind what brand that am i going to buy... As for now, what do i like to concern is, i just want to sing all the jingles whether ads for milk, pampers, clothes. Those songs are so cute until i like to sing together while the ads were being displayed on tv. Hehehe.


Anonymous said...

i'm hoping that the branded name did all the QA well bcos i'm spending my money on them sometimes tanpa rasa ragu2 or quality check again. huhu~

but for nazhan outfit, kami cari the very2 cheap sale aja..shuuhh..jgn bgtau dia tau but alhamdulillah no rashes so far. :D

Anonymous said...

comel gamba nadhrah ngan mami poko.. hehe..

i would go for quality.. =)

babynadhrah said...

mami hafiy:
mamipoko is the BEST.. tapi harga pun "BEST" jugakk.. 44 pieces Mamipoko = 84 pieces Drypers... huhu.. so Umi only allow me to wear them at night.. more comfortable to sleep longer..

baba likes to sing them too... huhu ye ke Baba?

aunt ida:
in my opinion, it's better to do the QA yourself.. different people have different preference..

aunt fedy:
yeeee... saya mmg comel!!! :)

Anonymous said...

sejak biler eeda particular about brands nie?.. ahemm

babynadhrah said...

uncle uj3x:
if you read between the lines, u'll understand... it's not the brand, it's the quality and the comfort that counts...

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