Jul 9, 2008

afamosa, part 1

We had a little family trip to AFamosa Resort last month (well, I know I'm a little bit late in updates, so bear with me here). It was partly becos of Umi and Baba's anniversary, and partly becos we had some dough to spend. Hihihi.

It was a 2-and-a-half-hour trip to get to AFamosa, and for Umi it was probably the worse 2-and-a-half-hour of being in the car becos I just can't sit in my car seat anymore. I wanna be free!!! So I'm constantly making Umi have her hands full trying to control me in the back seat.

better times with Umi in the car... this picture doesn't tell the whole story

Once we reached AFamosa, we had to wait a little bit for the 4PM check in time. So we hanged out by the pool. I had some feeding, and some introduction to the wonderful swimming pool.

poolside feeding with Umi

Baba had to drag me away from the water.. after I made my clothes all wet splish splashing by the poolside

Once we got the keys and went to our pleasantly huge room, Umi and Baba freshened up and I went straight for the bed(s)! There were 2 queen beds in the room, so Baba joined them up together to make a double-queen-bumper-huge-large-bed!! To Umi and Baba's surprise, I was crawling and standing and bulldozing all over the bed merrily, making myself fall back several times. I don't know why, I just love the big-sized bed with cool soft sheets where I can roam free without worry of falling.

getting acquainted with the bed

eh, what's this yellow thing all around me?

Then, it's time to hit the swimming pool!! Weehooo!! Umi bought this yellow baby float just for this trip (and for the future, of course) to test my swimming skillz. After 10 months of bathing and splish-splashing inside the bathtub, the large swimming pool full of water is another whole different monster for me to conquer. And guess what?? I love it!!

hello swimming pool!!

push me!! push me!!

Sometimes Baba would also take me out of the float and bring me 'swimming' in the cold water. I spent like half an hour in the water, and by that time Umi was shivering. So we packed up and called it a day.

That was pretty much the first day, the day of our arrival. That nite we all went to bed early, becos we know we're gonna have a whole day full of ativities the next day!!


wanrulez said...

ooo...ni yg ko karang lps ofis td yer

Unknown said...

tulah... punyalaj serius aku tgk dia mengarang... hehehe. But then this blog always make me happy... Maybe, they got this magical-thing after winning the HAPPEE MOMENTS..hahaha

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