Aug 14, 2008

looking back

20/8/2007, 4am : 38-weeks pregnant Umi suddenly had a leak of water in the middle of the night. Baba was woken up, and the both of them decided to go to the medical center, although Umi was not feeling any pain or contraction. Once we got into the labour room though, Umi was only about 1cm dilated, so we checked into the ward.

20/8/2007, 9am : The gynae came and checked, but still there was little progress on the dilation. Umi and Baba waited patiently in the ward, with Baba busy going back and forth to get a bath, food etc.

20/8/2007, 4pm : It was decided that it was safe to go back home to rest. The leak was a false alarm, and not the water breaking.

20/8/2007, 10pm : The contraction started coming in intervals of 10 minutes each.

21/8/2007, 12mn : Umi was having a hard time to getting some rest and sleep with the contraction coming swiftly, and we decided to head to the doctors again. However, by now we're all well prepared with all the stuff to bring along. Having the medical center just a 5-minute drive from home also helps a lot.

21/8/2007, 12.05am : At the labour room, Umi was only 3cm dilated. Needing 7 more centimeters, with each centimeter coming every hour, we knew we're gonna have a long night. Although it was good that we could spend it in the ward rather than in the labour roon. Umi couldn't get any sleep, so she asked for some injection (pethidine) that would soon make her drowsy. No epidural, though. And Baba would soon hurt his neck trying to sleep on the small little chair.

21/8/2007, 6am : Baba woke up for his morning prayer. After finishing, Umi was already in the labour room, all ready to deliver. 9 cm dilated, we still had to wait for another hour. Baba spent the time reciting verses of the Quran for her loved ones.

21/8/2007, 7.40am : After pushing and pushing, and with one last final push, a 2.5kg baby girl was born. Due to the effects of medicine, the baby was also drowsy, not crying, purple-blue in colour and could not immediately learn to breath. Luckily the doc was quick to react to the nurses' incompetencies of resuscitating the baby and switching on the oxygen tank at the same time. The doc had to cut short her job of collecting the cord blood for St*mLi*e to attend to the baby and magically make her cry of the most beautiful sound of crying. Baba gave the azan and iqamah, and here I am, baby Nadhrah Azzahra!!

a few minutes after coming out to see the world

i'm a girl!! and i'm a muslim!!

no problem in enclosed places

learning how to 'jelir lidah' so soon in the incubator

newborn mittens and diapers are too big for me

face all red (and yellow-ish)

sedapnye tido kene bungkus dulu (kalau skrg kene bungkus mesti tak bes.. tido buas sgt laa bes)

sleeping soundly in the presence of teddy bears

1 more week to my birthday!!


Anonymous said...

hi, i tjumpa ur blog from lana blogroll. ur doter's birth date beza satu hari dgn my son.

btw, i kelakar tgk sume babies nangis bila anuar zain pengang. tgn dia xbest ke? huhu

Nadiah Jaapar said...

.:: oh my god..she is so sweet..comel betul la.. :D

Nadiah Jaapar said...

.:: my other blog is -->

Nadiah Jaapar said... ok je..yup..more time with family.. :D

Unknown said...

its so touchy when we look back to the moment our baby was born, couldnt find the exact word to express the feeling, kuasa Allah kan?nadhrah, happy birthday!!dah setahun awak, makin comel makin riang ria..

Anonymous said...

Hiii...aunty Yda here...baba's primary school mate. Found ummi's blog...n im a BIG fan of u n ummi's writings...tehee..i saw ummibaba during uncle amir's wedding...but din get to see u...why balik so early? Comellah awak ni.... Oklaa...happy 1st birthday! Be a good daughter kayhh??!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NADHRAH! may Allah bless you. semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki. semoga cepat tua! :p

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st birthday Nadhrah

babynadhrah said...

jua: tak tau laaa why sume baby nangis bile anuar zain dukung.. maybe he doesn't have that parenthood touch.. huhu

miss nad: thank you.. :).. well, i think all babies are COMEL foreverrrr....

aunty awin: yeeee saya dah 1 tahun!!! hoorayyy!!

aunty huwaida: oooo.. balik awal because there's another wedding to catch.. which was Umi's best buddy during schooldays...

aunty hannis: thank you!!! hugs and kisses for youu....

che' ah: thank you che' ah.. takde hadiah ke??

babynadhrah said...
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