Aug 7, 2008

of names and books

love thy name

Baby names nowadays can get so... wow. I don't have a word for it. Gone are the days when our parents name us simple names, and it seems like we are outdoing each other in giving unique names to our babies.

Not so cool now : Jamilah, Rahimah, Rokiah, Hashim, Hassan, Kassim

So cool right now : Danish, Qistina, Seth, Ryan, Mikhael, Daniel

Well, all is well and fine, as long as you don't go all outrageous and name your baby Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii!!

let's learn the ABC's

I find that I love books right now. It's not the reading actually, it's the lively colourful pictures that I'm so into. And they're not exactly books, they're... magazines. Weehooo!! Less than one-year-old and my favourite magazine right now is.. Pa&Ma. What's not to like about it? It's colourful, with lots of baby pictures in it! And it's readily available cos Umi used to buy lots and lots of them. Now Umi's not reading them anymore, it's my turn to read them (and shred and drool on and tear them apart!!). Doesn't matter, put the Pa&Ma in front of me and I can get distracted for many minutes (well, not hours)...

Umi need to buy me some books. But I'm not that into hard-paged children books. Any books you can recommend?

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