Sep 26, 2008

viral infection

Umi and Baba guest writes:

This happened early this month, but we're just writing on it now. Nadhrah had a viral infection, she had a very high fever (sometimes up to 40*C) for four straight days. And after the fourth day, rashes started coming out, starting from the head, forehead, then the arms, her back and through to the legs.

Some picture of Nadhrah with the rashes:


Alhamdulillah, she recovered well. Umi and Baba was constantly worried, Umi had to take two-days leave. Sleeping at nights was a problem for all three for us, because Nadhrah would wake up crying every now and then. Oh, and she had to experience the bullet-style pill through her buttocks... up to three times!! One from the doc, and the other 2 from Umi (who was so afraid to put that thing into there), because the temperature shot up so high.

(Actually, the first few days, although Nadhrah's temperature was very high, she was as active as usual)



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Anonymous said...

Nadhrah kene viral infection? kesian dia + umi + baba dia...i salute the parents for kesabaran to handle it..anyway speedy recovery!! Salam Aidilfitri too!

Piza (x acn)

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