Nov 11, 2008

open open house

This is so belated, but I just wanna share them, especially to the babies that I met along the way.

First up is baby seth haiqal's open house. It was on a very rainy day, but we're glad we made it becos I got to meet with a few of my playfriends, and Umi got to meet one of her favourite blogger, mama shmontel.

Next one is baby danish miqael's open house. He was so eager to play with me, but unfortunately I was in one of my unplayful + sleepy + scared-of-everyone mood.

Last but not least, we went to baby hannah's house in Tanjung Malim, on our way back home from kampung@Sitiawan. It was such a lovely visit, Umi & Baba got a break from all the driving & we got treated to some great food from the hosts. Baba tried to make the pictures look like we were playing together, although we were actually tengah berebut-rebut. Heheh.

This year's was definitely a raya to remember...


iL4na said...

Alaa apsal kolget&co x dtg open house haritu ye??

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

dear, may i hv ur email address please
please mail me at

Unknown said...

hi nadhrah,
bila nak update lagi nih?makcik nk tgk ur latest 'nakal'ness

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