Jan 13, 2009

summerset@rompin trip - the photoshoot

Just to share some pictures of our trip to Summerset@Rompin during the last Hari Natal weekend (I know, I know, I've been slacking in my updates recently... but here they are!!)

Kuala Rompin is around 4-5 hours drive from KL. This was a BIG family trip organised by AuntieAlma@Mummy just for us to have a little get-together before the new year. I made the journey much easier for Umi by sleeping through half of the journey, and behaving rather well in the other half. All they had to do is turn on the CD with some local and more internationally-famous children's song that we got for free, and there I am listening and enjoying them happily.

Once we reached there and after settling down, we straight away got down to the planned activities. The first one would be a family photoshoot. Mummy hired some photographers who came all the way from Kuantan to snap our pictures and deliver the softcopy right afterwards.

getting into the mood

our white biggie family

cucu-cucu TokPa and TokMa (everybody's enjoying themselves while I'm crying my eyes out!!)

We also went outdoors for some shoots. If you don't already know, Rompin is situated by the South China Sea beach, south of Kuantan and north of Segamat.

calming beach stroll

the 3 whities

all of us in the trip (including our Bibiks, who were obviously not aware of our all-white theme)

There were a whole lot more activities during the next day, when every family held a game/competition that the others can participate, and there were presents as well for the winners. This is when you see everyone's (Umi and Baba included) competitive edge hyped up to the max trying to win simple funfair-type games like throw-the-ball-into-the-circle-and-see-how-many-balls-inside-the-circle-you-can-hit-and-get-them-outside-the-circle.

I'd love to share them all, but I'd rather wait for the pictures from several cameras at the time. You can also check out cousin Nadyne's cool new blog for some write-ups..

More pictures can be enjoyed here.

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