Feb 18, 2009

kl bird park

We went to KL Bird Park!! Yeayy! Wayyy back during CNY holiday, actually. KL was quite empty save for a few who didn't go balik kampung like us. So around 4PM we just drove out to KL and went to KL Bird Park. There were signs that it was going to rain on the way, but in the end it was a great cloudy day, just perfect for an outdoor stroll.

Our camera seems to go weng nowadays. The pictures comes out extra bright, with white background being so prominent. But somehow it does give some sort of a classic+fantasy+fairy-tale feeling, I think.. Let's just enjoy the pictures...

for me, I'm just so excited to see all these birds everywhere. Kejar kejarrrrr!!!

here here.. bite me hand (tanpa rasa takut.. Umi yang takut sebenanya)

the peacock is the most beautiful bird, and there's plenty of them all over the place!!

i see one over there...

.. apa lagi.. kejarrrrrr!!

heyyy... don't run away!!

there's also a nursery over there... but it's not for kids like me.. it's for the cute little chicklets

at the end of the day, messing around having a lot of fun at the souvenir shop... as usual, Umi and Baba didn't get anything for me.. boo-hoo!!

More pictures over here.

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