Oct 14, 2009

raya 2009 - kampung days

We went back to kampung on the 2nd day of Raya, so there wasn't much of a Raya feeling was left. All the Raya night preparation, bersalam-salaman, going to semayang Raya and going to kubur atuk, we didn't experience this year. However, I still had a lot of fun in Sitiawan.

tak takut jatuh pon

the breeze by the sea is the best

this is actually by a prawn breeding site, which also happens to be a mosquito breeding site

playing kejar kejar with the camera

and again

Alamak, itu je ke gambor yang ada? Well, to tell you the truth, there is not that many picture. Baba is getting bored of taking pics with our digital camera, the pics always turn out biasa-biasa aje. He likes to play with other people's DSLR while not being able to afford his own currently. So sape2 yg ada spare tu, bole laa kasik loan pinjam ke?


Mummy Nadirah said...

Gosh. aku pun kampung sitiawan. Which part in sitiawan kampung korang ni? Mine at lekir. Suspen suspen.. sape org perak anyway? Muiz ke ko?

eedachan said...

Kampung nenek aku kat kampung bahru sitiawan.. entrance kg tu betul-betul depan UniKL fakulti marine..

kampung nenek muiz kat terengganu....

ad27ar said...

nadhrah -- pesan kat baba; ask the question of how can i afford the dslr camera? don't say i can't afford it because the mind works in mysterious ways..

then the answer of finding ways to fund the new camera will come true! :)

or joinler pak alang's save & earn!! ummi kan dapat bonus besaur!!! hehe..

aidafiqs adamia said...

mak aii rambut dia..comelnye!

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