May 6, 2010

cousin Nadyne's besday

Belated post of cousin Nadyne's 2nd besday last month. I had great fun with bubbles and balloons, and it made for great photo opportunities. Nadyne turns 2 this year and she's picking up a lot of words really fast and quickly becoming the girl in Uncle Anuar's life.

Birthday girl with Uncle Anuar (please don't mind Che'Ah, she likes to enter frame)

tiup nadhrah tiup

makan nadhrah makan

tiup Chuna tiup

Umi and Baba, let's go fly like UP!

The rest of the pics :


ibunoor said...

Salam ziarah...salam kenal...teruskan menulis. saya follow. Silalah sunggah ke mari ya.

Unknown said...

salam.. :)
teruja nyer.. i'm mom to lil Nadhrah too..
how old is ur precious?
jom exchange links nak?

umi nadhrah said...

sorry dah lama tak update...

my lil' Nadhrah will be 3 in this coming August..

nak xchange links, dipersilakan..

don't forget to visit too!!!

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